TED talk Presentation - Kary Mullis

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Kary Mullis - Nobel Laureate
explains his experience in design of new gen cure

Kary mullis achieved his nobel
prize for chemistry in 1993 for the development of PCR technology. He is the
person who developed a way to copy a strand of DNA. His technique Polymer Chain
Reaction is one of the biggest biorevolution in 1990's.

He developed PCR technology in
1980's through which DNA strand can be copied using polymerase and some basic
DNA 'Building Blocks'. DNA was explored through PCR technology (Human Genome

Talk Summary

He started his talk in his own
style by explaining the Alpha-Gal epitope which is not revealed by scientist
completely but our body or system knows about this molecule very well and our
system hates this molecule. Alpha Gal Epitope is one of the reason why pig
heart valves cannot be replaced to human because of the presence of this in
pig. Our Immune system actually loves this because when it eats them.

Our system responds to this
ridiculous molecule which we are not making. Kary mullis says we can't get rid
of this immunity even if we transplant heart valves. He exclaims that why don't
we use this molecule to stimulate our immune system and get the immune
response. Hardly it can be developed within 5 - 6 days. It's simple and
effective way to get rid of the problem.

So the present scenario antibiotics
are running out of market. The possible alternates way is to use these bacteria
to attach with the molecule to get rid of that problems. But Kary Mullis says
we don't have efficient method to do this for all the bacteria. So he works on
the newer technology through which this thing can be done for all the bacteria.

He talks about DNA Aptamer. Finally
he finishes his talk with an study using anthrax. As per kary mullis there is a
way and technology is turning towards this alternate path to treat the killing

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Dear Sir, The work done by Kary Mullis is really worthy for healthcare and every individual especially PCR technique. The next generation medicines will be definately be like this. these days are not so long....... Some suggestions, please add the TED link in Reference Try to put your own opinion also it make the blog more attractive because its an idea and how other can see this idea is important and as you are taking this idea for TED blog you should take initiative and express your views on this idea. this is the main objective of TED Talk inclusion in our blogs. what I feel... Its just my suggestion Hope you will take it positively, Regards,

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