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Where are we heading to ?

Dear Bloggers Pharmacy field is one of the amazing field where professionals can perform their skills especially with care because it's related to people's Health. From my Master to my PhD Project, I've always been in love with Clinical Pharmacy. Clinical Pharmacy is something that impress me and for which i will always do my best to go for. I will be back with more news. Be blessed

June Journey

Dear Bloggers How are you? I would like to present to you some few things. Last month, due to various issues (Graduation, International Article Reviewing etc) This Month of June we will try to cover the following topics to make it up to you. -Naltrexone -Tramadol -Asthma -Crohn's Disease -Gene Therapy and cancer -Modern Pharmacy Vs Traditional Pharmacy

Time Schedule : Apologies

Dear Bloggers This past month has been one of the most challenging month for almost all the members of our Group. Due to the Graduation Final exam, Ph.D Thesis writting and Presentation, Scientific Articles Reviewing for International Journals, we were unable to keep track with our topic for the Month of May.

China CPU Challengers May Topics

The Month of April has been one of the tough month for most of us, due to a personal School Schedule. Therefore, we couldn't cover all the topic announced. However, this Month of May, we will discuss on: -Naltrexone -Tramadol -Asthma -Crohn's Disease -Gene Therapy and cancer -Modern Pharmacy Vs Traditional Pharmacy -Mechanized nanoparticles for Drug Delivery Part Two


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