Drug addiction

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Drug Addiction is a phenomenon which involves both psychic and physical dependence on drugs. Drug Addiction is now referred as Drug Abuse.
Let us know what psychic and physical dependence mean....
Psychic dependence is a condition where the patient satisfies himself by periodic administration of drug to reduce discomfort or to increase pleasure. It is a psychic drive.
Physical dependence is a condition where the body shows some physical disturbances when the drug is withdrawn.
Certain drugs cause psychic dependence like opiod antagonists and certain drugs like cocaine, caffeine cause physical dependence.
Whatever the drug is the result is addiction and when a patient has drug addiction
* Increased desire to take drug inspite of knowing the harmful effects
* Increase in intake of dose
Mechanism: All these drugs act on CNS and stimulate. Not only drugs even beverages like tea, coffee and even tobacco also stimulate CNS and create a state of well being (euphoria) and as a result the dose intake increases.
These drugs when taken in high doses cause addiction and so they are also called as Masterful drugs.
Certain drugs like cocaine cause serious disability of normal functioning and these are called Hard drugs.
* Ready availability of drugs.
* Public acceptance of modifiers like alcohol.
* Lack of publicity regarding harmful effects.
* Hospitalization of the patient
* Gradual withdrawal of the drug
* Rehabitation
* Substitution and specific therapy like Disulfiram for alcohol consumption

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