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Cardiotonics are medications used to increase the tonus of cardiac muscle. They help in strengthening the cardiac muscle and increase cardiac output. Most commonly used categories are CARDIAC GLYCOSIDES, SYMPATHOMIMETICS etc. They are given in cases of CARDIAC SHOCK, MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION, CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE, CARDIAC SURGICAL PROCEDURES.

Drug addiction

Hello bloggers,
My second blog of this month....
Drug Addiction is a phenomenon which involves both psychic and physical dependence on drugs. Drug Addiction is now referred as Drug Abuse.
Let us know what psychic and physical dependence mean....

Bioassays... highly specific

Hello bloggers,
Sorry for the delay and I am going to give you all an idea about BIOASSAYS. Many new active ingredients are found in different species of plants which have different pharmacological properties .But do all these show equal reponse? To know the concentration of the active ingredient ASSAYS are performed.
They can be either


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