Chance for Pharmacy Teachers to Grab "BEST PRESENTATION AWARD"

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(Pharma PowerPoint Presentation Contest)

during APTICON2010

15th Annual National Convention of APTI, 1 - 2 October 2010, Hyderabad.

Dear All, Happy to announce that Pharmainfo.Net has taken one more step ahead to conduct powerpoint contest exclusively for Pharmacy Teachers (below 50 years) for the race to win "Best Presentation Award" along with Digital Camera.

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First Prize (Digital Cam) and Award are sponsored by Pharmainfo.Net

Second Prize is sponsored by APTI

Eligibility: Pharmacy teachers of any specialization below the age of 50 years.


Primary screening will be done through ONLINE power point presentation contest.

Names of a total of six teachers, each from one specialization, will be announced, for participating in FINAL Phase, based on the marks awarded by the judges.

Topics for Online presentation:


* Delivery of protein and peptide drugs.

* Targeted Drug Delivery Systems.

Pharmaceutical Analysis:

* New Analytical methods/ techniques/ instruments

* Principles of Total Quality Management.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry:

* Modern drug discovery concepts and technologies.

* Stereo specific drugs in treatment.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology:

* Techniques of gene manipulation and Genetic Engineering.

* Recent trends in diagnosis and treatment with Biotechnology era


* Designs for testing of drugs in humans.

* Designs for testing of drugs in animals.

Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry:

* Tissue culture methods.

* Medicinal Plants vs Allopathy

Steps are as below:

  1. Get registered (free) in using the link (If you are already a registered person in the site, no need to register again.)
  2. Add photo to your account after registration (compulsory)
  3. Selecta any one topic from above list.
  4. Prepare an abstract as per the Annexure-1 provided below
  5. Prepare the PowerPoint as per the Annexure-2 provided below
  6. Submit the abstract and ppt to the e-mail on or before Aug 27th 2010.
  7. PowerPoints will be kept online on September 1st 2010 and is available for interaction till September 18th 2010.
  8. During this period the participant has to follow the rules and regulations as per the Annexure-3 based on which the judges will allot marks and the six primary phase winners will be announced on September 21st 2010.


v The six teachers selected from PHASE-A have to participate in the FINAL phase at the time of APTI Conference i.e. on October 1st 2010 at the venue.

v These six teachers have to get registered for the conference and have to give power point presentations on the topic: "Quality in Pharma Education: Role of Teacher, Technology and Management" (theme of the conference).

v First and Second Prize winners will be announced on the same day and prizes will be awarded during the conference.

For any queries please feel free to drop a mail at

Useful Links for participants:


Guidelines for Abstract preparation:

O Ms word 2003 format

O Times New Roman Font, 12 size

O Write Title in sentence case ( NOT in capital letters)

O Author name, college address, e-mail id, contact number and Pharmainfo profile page link e.g.,

O Mention Subject area, Sub topic division, Key words

O Abstract data (not more than 500 words)

O Write abstract in your own words (Avoid cut, copy and paste)


Guidelines for PowerPoint preparation:

O Power point in 2003 format

O File size: not more than 2 MB

O Number of slides: not more than 50

O Page numbers for slides (Page 1 of 24 style)

O Present the data in your own words to avoid Plagiarism problem (Avoid cut, copy and paste of any sentence from the reference)

O Write References at the bottom of each and every slide

O For text book reference include page numbers and publisher details

O For images or tables also include references at the bottom of the same slide.

O Confirm your data with Plagiarism checkers:

O If necessary reduce the size of the images without compromising with quality using

O First slide should contain information on: title of the topic, Author details (photo, designation, college address, e-mail id and phamainfo profile page link).

O Add the statement "This presentation does not include plagiarized material" on the last slide.


Guidelines for online competition:

O Online contest starts from September 1st to September 18th, 2010.

O Contestant has to post comments to the co-participant presentations to consider for the winner position.

O Posting Questions: After logging in you can use Add new comment link to post your questions to respective presentations.

O Answering Questions: Please use reply link below the each question posted for your presentation.

O Answers should be in your own words and reference should be given for your answer or explanation.

O Marks by the panel judges will be given based on the parameters like Quality of Presentation, Completeness of Presentation, References, Questioning to other Presentations and Answering to the questions of your Presentation.




About the Author

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Author: Eswar GsnkRao

I am serving as Asst.Professor at VNIP and working towards my Ph.D . I would love to help pharmacy students (Yes ! GPAT also) and share whats happening in Pharmacy Colleges world. You can ckeck my GPAT Quizzes (FREE to practice) and book chapter about Pharmacy Courses in India (and jobs after courses)

If you would like to publish your college events, please email me eswar @ and i will share in my blog.


Santosh kumar. JH's picture

A great opportunity for young students like us, by which we can directly interact with various professors of different specilizations through comments.... A Big Thanks to for the umique competitons for all communities of pharma people to showcase their skills and talents.....
Eswar GsnkRao's picture

Dear Santosh, As U told, It is really a good opportunity for interaction among students and teachers. Hope it will be a successfull event.


ESWAR :-) 

Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dear Eswar Our hearty congratulations to for its very active role in trying to give a boost to activities in pharmaceutical field, especially to pharmacy teachers. All the best. Vijaya Ratna
Eswar GsnkRao's picture

Dear Mam, The key persons like you make the Pharmacy Field be Glorious forever. And My Congratulations for bringing Pharm.D in Andhra University. Have A Nice Day mam.


ESWAR :-) 

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