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Dear All,

MYBO - A Non-Profit organization is organizing a REGIONAL LEVEL PHARMA QUIZ in association with

VISWANADHA Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Visakhapatnam
VIGNAN Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Visakhapatnam
SHRI VISHNU College of Pharmacy, Bhimavaram
BHASKARA Institute of Pharmacy, Bobbili
MASTERS Pharmacy Academy, Hyderabad
FINALS are on Nov 27th at AU Central Canteen HALL, Near Out Gate, Andhra University.


Find more details at



About the Author

Eswar GsnkRao's picture
Author: Eswar GsnkRao

I am serving as Asst.Professor at VNIP and working towards my Ph.D . I would love to help pharmacy students (Yes ! GPAT also) and share whats happening in Pharmacy Colleges world. You can ckeck my GPAT Quizzes (FREE to practice) and book chapter about Pharmacy Courses in India (and jobs after courses)

If you would like to publish your college events, please email me eswar @ and i will share in my blog.


Satyajeeth Pandey's picture

Dear Eswar Its really great to see you encouraging the students with your activities. I wish all the very best for my students and others too who are participating in the quiz. good luck

Satyajit Panda Asst. professor Maharajah's College Of Pharmacy

Eswar GsnkRao's picture

Happy to see your active participation over here. Hope we can move the same way to encourage the students. Regards eswar.


ESWAR :-) 

Siva Mavuduru's picture

sir, we really enjoyed the quiz. its really a good relief and a parallel motivation for the students. and your organization really deserves a good applause sir. and my hearty congratulations to vignan, pydah and vishnu college students. thank you
Eswar GsnkRao's picture

Happy to know that you liked it. Thanks for your extending your support in organizing he quiz. Have a nice day ma.


ESWAR :-) 

Siva Mavuduru's picture

Being a member and working with you is a great honour sir i am happy to be a part of it sir thank you so much for giving me the opprtunity
Sirisha Pingali's picture

I agree with siva ganesh. Sir, you're creating opportunities for us to reach elevations. Happy to be a part of this!

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Eswar GsnkRao's picture

All these are possible only with you all students support. Your efforts in communicating with all the participants, faculty and principals via mails and/or phones are appreciable. The same way all our TEAM members voluntarily taken up responsibilities and learned good organizing skills. Keep it up ma.


ESWAR :-) 

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