Fortune for Parkinson's disease.....REVERSED !!!

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Parkinsons disease can be characterized by motor system disorders mainly caused because of loss of dopamine-producing brain cells. The symptoms will include tremors, rigidity, postural instability with impaired balance and coordination.1
The treatment for this disease apart from regular dopamines like L-DOPA, USFDA has approved deep brain stimulation treatment wherein electrodes are implanted into the patient's brain and connected to a pulse generator.2

In 1990, researchers have found that the damage caused by this disease to the brain can be treated by transplantation of the brain cells from fetal brains. but, the problem with this approach was that in some patients the transplantation of the brain caused patients to suffer from involuntary movements, termed as dyskinesias.3

The mechanism causing such changes were not understood untill the invivo brain imaging was done on two patients affected with the disease. Then, it was found out that excessive serotonergic innervation in the grafted striatum of the patients, who had exhibited major recovery after transplantation with fetel brain cells with mesencephalic tissue that are dopamine-rich but developed dyskinesias when the treatment was stopped.In order to treat this, serotonin was given systemically which dampens

the neuro transmitter release from serotonergic neurons.4
Though the transplantation of brain cells had given a new hope to the one affected with parkinson's but its side affect almost closed the door but, this discovery by Mr. M.Politis had reopened the closed doors marching towards successful treatment of parkinson's. The other added advantage is that this treatment lasts for about 16 years thus relieving the patients.

I would conclude saying that there is "defeat" only when man stops trying, whether it is our day to day activity or Parkinson's treatment.
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Author: D Shravani


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Shravani Thank You for the good information you have given. I am happy that there is a solution to the problem of dyskineasis. But the aging related problems should be better prevented rather than fought after they appear. This prevention should happen by proper life style modification. I hope you agree with me. vijaya Ratna
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Ya true mam, Lots can be done with proper life style...but, people affected need treatment, and we are here to give them the necessary treatment...


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Dear Shravani, I would say, You have take a good one with great conclusion. Is this treatment can into existance ? Is it now in India ?

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