Male menopause???- Andropause

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Problems of menopause have been widely known and it is not monopoly to woman!!. Men equally go through the symptoms during age of 40-50 termed as andropause and it is due to aging process. Generally less discussed.

Andropause is due to the less testosterone in the body, due to aging process. According to WHO, andropause name is not widely used term like menopause (ICD10 classification). Menopause is complete decline of reproductive ability of women but andropause is decline in testosterone levels in the body but men continue to be fertile.

The problems associated with andropause in men are reduction in the testosterone level may cause loss of concentration, depression, mood swings etc, but it may not cause complete cessation of reproductive ability. It may cause bouts of impotence and diabetes may add to this condition.

Though andropause is controversial term, it can be due to disease conditions like hypertension, diabetes, increased stress, poor nutritional diet, lack of exercise etc. The consequences of low levels of testosterone may put the men under cardiovascular and osteoporosis risk. They are highly prone for depression and memory loss leading to Alzheimer's disease.

Jed Diamond, a California psychotherapist and author of "Male Menopause" says, that andropause may cause changes "hormonally, psychologically, interpersonally, socially, sexually and spiritually."

Regular monitoring of testosterone levels after the age of 45 is warranted to avoid the deleterious long term effects. Modifications of life style, nutritional diet intake, suitable exercise program, hormone replacement therapy are suggested to overcome this problem.

Andropause is a profound life journey requires strong support from the family like combating menopause in females. A positive and holistic approach by the person and family is required to handle these issues in right manner.

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Sirisha Pingali's picture

madam.. I havent heard of andropause until i read your blog. Nice information..One quite interesting thing is the spiritual changes brought by andropause. Thank you for sharing some new information with us.

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Siva Mavuduru's picture

madam your blog really gave information about less frequently used arena and what is the effect of smoking and drinking on andropause?
Amol Malpani's picture

Respected Madam, Nice to see an addendum in aging process which is left out by our team. Whatever effects/ symptoms you wrote that might appears with certain other complication during the age of 50s. So how to distinguish Andropause? is there any specific identification? Thanks for sharing. Regards,

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