Reasons for gradual acceptance and popularity of homoeopathy

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A popular belief that holds true even for physicians and medicine is that only the expensive ones work. This has made the profession the most lucrative of all times in terms of big margins and profits. However despite this sickness and diseases are also increasing at an alarming rate. This is the time in the history of human population when people are getting sicker and sicker.

Conventional medicine is not helping much as it does not target the root cause of the problem. This has led to more individuals seeking help from alternative therapies including homoeopathy.
In the last three decades the popularity of homoeopathy has grown leaps and bounds. There is no targeted marketing strategy behind this popularity and it is happening mainly by word of mouth. According to estimates the popularity of homoeopathy is
growing by rates of more than 20% a year globally.

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine that originated 200 years ago and is based on natural laws of healing.
It is a widely popular form of treatment in Europe, Asia and South America that is used by millions of people and has a proven clinical record. It is a safer therapy in comparison to conventional medicine as it treats the cause of the illness.
The remedies prescribed are natural substances such as herbs and minerals that are used in very minute quantities to trigger the natural healing response of the body.

Hence, as the effect of the medicine wears away, the body continues to heal from its own natural healing powers.
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