Homeopathy can act as a preventive in many diseases such as swine flu

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In the modern times, more and more new viruses, diseases and epidemics are becoming prevalent mainly due to interventions of humans in nature. Scientists and medical researchers are working day and night to find ways to combat these diseases and to find vaccinations to viruses which keep on changing their forms.
Swine flu (H1N1), which appeared in 2009 and spread to humans from swine, now does have vaccines for its various forms. However, in conventional medicine after attracting a viral flu, there is hardly any effective medicine as it is difficult to treat viral diseases.
This is where homeopathic medicine comes into play.
There have been evidence that Gelsemium 30,which is a flower extract used in Homeopathy to treat various forms of flu can be used to treat swine flu and other forms of viral diseases such as chikungunya. Other remedies include Aconite, rhustox, eupatorium perf, Arsenic album, allium cepa, baptisia, bryonia, sabadilla, sticta and phosphorus.
The spread of Spanish flu epidemic in 1918 and the use of homeopathy to prevent and treat it has been cited by many homeopaths as suggestive evidence that homeopathy can be used today to fight swine flu. In the Spanish flu epidemic, the mortality rate among those who used conventional medicine was 28% while it was as low as 1.05% among those who used homeopathy.
To treat epidemics, in Homeopathy, the principle called genus epidemicus is used in which the common symptoms among fifteen people suffering from the same disease are studied and a remedy for those people decided and given which would act as a preventive medicine for other individuals residing in that area.
Apart from swine flu and Spanish Influenza, homeopathy has successfully treated the diseases and epidemics of Typhus fever, Cholera, yellow fever, Diphtheria, polio, influenza and bird flu.

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