Let's Smile Till We Have Teeth

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Honestly, there has been a revolution in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. It has changed dramatically in the last decade. Since April 2013, eight disease-modifying agents have been approved for multiple sclerosis by regulatory agencies of different countries. They are:

Interferon beta-1a

Interferon beta-1b

Glatiramer acetate





Dimethyl fumarate

This is something really amazing. It reflects the relentless work of the researchers on multiple sclerosis related issues.

I hope a more favorable outcome and better quality of life are possible for people with multiple sclerosis through appropriate and aggressive management strategies. Remember it is not all about drugs only. We need to consider all available options that includes:

Use of rational medication medications

Symptomatic treatments


Rehabilitative and

Psychological approaches.

Furthermore, there are some alternative treatment and experimental treatments options available through clinical trials in some specialized MS centers. You can have an idea on these issues by contacting your physician. He/she will guide you to the best available options according to your disease condition.

Living with multiple sclerosis is not that easy. It can place you on a roller coaster of emotions. Try to accept it and move on. Every patient has his/her own ways to fight it. You should look for every options to ease your life.

Remember you are not handicapped. You can live your dreams. Stay focused. Try to maintain normal daily activities as you did before.

You don't have to be alone. Wherever you are, stay connected. This is the age of mobile phones, facebook, twitter and so on. Fun is everywhere. If you don't want to talk, visit new places with your friends and family.

Try to pursue hobbies that you enjoy and are able to do.

You know there is always a tremendous connection between physical health and mental health. Keeping yourself healthy mentally is really challenging. You may consult a counselor or therapist. You should learn some coping skills and relaxation techniques that may be helpful in a stressful situation.

Now a days there are numerous support groups for multiple sclerosis where you can share your experiences and feelings with other people suffering from MS. You will learn how people cope with this situation and help each other.

Lastly, never forget to smile till you have teeth. Life is too short to live.

Don't be afraid. We all have scars. Trust me. So, let's smile.

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