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Hello everyone!! Provoking National spirit I wish you all a very HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY. I believe the pace continues round the year. Coming to my blog, it's the PROTEOMICS. I can't confine the whole theory in just two blogs but I'll try to convey the right message to you all!!! Let us first deal what exactly is PROTEOMICS. With the name, I'm very much sure that you got the funda involved in the topic. Its something related to Proteins!!! Proteomics involves a comprehensive study of structure and function of proteins to provide a canvass regarding structure, function and regulation of biological systems [1][2]. A Proteome is derived from PROTEin controlled by a genOME. It refers to the overall proteins produced by an organism. There are approximately 2 million proteins each serving specific functions. Proteins are considered to be a major building blocks of the body and serve the following functions: 1. Catalyzing various reactions - Majority of them being enzymes 2. Acting as Neurotransmitters 3. Regulating cell reproduction 4. Helps in supplying Oxygen to the body - hemoglobin 5. Defending body against foreign organisms - Antibodies. Each protein is fairly linked with many Amino acids. Different combinations of Amino acids results in different proteins involving in a particular functions. Present day research is involved in drawing a Human Genome map to know the novelty in protein signaling, their interactions and newer functions they can perform. Proteomics combined with Bioinformatics is the hot subject in the research. Their results give better understanding of phenotypes of both healthy and diseased cells thereby many of the genetic disorders can be identified at an earlier stage. Initially proteomics dealt with two dimensional protein maps but with further development it is now possible to know "post translational modifications" and "protein-protein interactions". The latter study was revolutionized with the development of Protein microarrays wherein the antibodies or proteins are probed in a complex protein mixture. The resultant Protein-Protein interactions can be detected using fluorescence imaging or Mass Spectroscopy. To be continued As promised, Here comes my First Tip: Let me begin with a small incident. I was giving lecture to my students and in the mid of the discussion I asked the how many of them have interest in sports. Few hands rose but I couldn't find the confidence in the act. Some student's face wasn't visible too while some students lifted their hands drowsily. In your career point of view, you should be confident in answering a query. Stiff hands & High confidence (of course under optimum levels) is most welcomed in such situations. This serves a point in your record when you go for Placements!! Good Luck!! THIS BLOG IS FREE OF PLAGIARISM. Ref: accessed as on August 16th 2011. accessed as on August 16th 2011.

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Sir your blog is too good your tips are really worthy sir. thanks a lot for the tip
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Thank you siva. Students like you make us think better!! Good Luck!!

Dr.G.Girija Sankar, Associate Professor Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, College of Pharmaceutical Science, Andhra University.

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-- -- Regards... Rahul Soman, M. Pharmacy, PhD - Research Scholar, National Institute of Technology, NIT Campus PO, Calicut, Kerala GPAT SPECIAL

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Thank you!

Dr.G.Girija Sankar, Associate Professor Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, College of Pharmaceutical Science, Andhra University.

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