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A range of assay methods are used to detect viral contaminants in the raw materials and final finished products. It is obvious that a single viral assay cannot detect the entire viral types present in the sample. So how can we actually determine the viral contaminants. The strategy developed is simple. It mainly focuses on the possible viral contaminant of the source material being used. Also it does not include newly discovered or unknown viral contaminants. Current viral assays falls into 3 categories. 1. Immunoassays 2. Assays based on viral DNA probes


Hello my dear mentors and student friends, this time i haven't come up with any tip in my blog. Instead i want to share a true incident. OPPORTUNITIES come rarely and it is our responsibility to grab the crab when it comes to shore!!! Here i present a new angle where the lady didn't receive any instead she CREATED A NEW ONE!!!


Hello my dear student friends, I hope everyone is busy and doing well in the exams!! With the new igniting minds i hope every one of you want to do something new. Coming to our profession, Novelty, Utility and Non Obviousness-(the major essentials of a patent) are necessary whenever you discover a new product. Before you begin the clinical trials first thing you need to do is, apply for Investigational New Drug Application or IND. A brief discussion of IND will be given by Gangadhar Hari!!


Hello everyone, Amidst a tight schedule our team is back with the monthly program. Dr.G.Girija Sankar (Myself) New drug application (NDA) dealt in two parts. Miss. Sirisha Pingali I.Human Genome Project highlight II.Human Genome Project applications Mr. Gangadhar Hari I. Investigative New Drug Application (INDA) II. Pharmacology of Drug dependence and addiction Miss.K.Sravani


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