Evidence of plagiarism

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Hello everyone,
My last blog reported a plagiarism allegation against a president a chinese university. Here, I am coming with some evidences I found interesting to share.

In fact, M. Zhou Zude and his PhD student submitted a paper entitled ''Diesel generation using doubly fed induction machines'' (http://www.sciencenet.cn/upload/blog/file/2009/7/2009730154645856501.pdf) to the International conferenceon computer science and software engineering held in decembre 2008 in their University. The paper would have been published among the best ones of the conference unfortunately for them, doubts of one of the member of the jury help to stumble on what was going on. The man searched and found that the aformentioned paper was a copy of work from Ruben Pena et al.(http://www.sciencetimes.com.cn/upload/blog/file/2009/7/20097292243441487...)published earlier the same year.

By glancing through the two papers, one can easily face the fact, even though Zhou and his student managed to shorten ''their work'' in 5 pages.

What a dishonesty !!!


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Author: DIMEKO


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Dear Mekoo, You share such a good example on plagiarism. Sharing is the best way to improve your knowledge. With regards,

Leader - Ayurpreachers Hardik K. Soni M.Pharm (Ayu.)-Pharmacology R&D, Executive Vasu Research Centre www.vasuresearch.com

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Thank Sir. We are trying our best. Sincerely Didier Mekoo

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a nice blog

mridula jayaraman

Pharma Wings

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Thank you Didier Mekoo

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Thank you for your information concerning the plagiarism case you posted several days ago. Blessings

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HI SIR, A very good blog. with regards ankur
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Thank you Sir Didier Mekoo

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a good collection of information.....

with regards Nandini. TEAM ASSIMILATORS.

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Thank you Dear Nandini for considering my blog Best regards D. Mekoo

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Its really good to see such a nice presentation of team name. Nice Presentation. With Regards Amol Dhiman

Amol Dhiaman

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Students are also being involved in these issues. Tough scrutiny should be there in these kind of situations. Great blog sir.

Sirisha Pingali


Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


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Sure! Actually in this case, it seems like the professor has been misled by his PhD student.Lack of scrupule. Unfortunately he became the target because he stand as first author on the publication. Thank for considering my blog Didier mekoo

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striking back once again with a good information. thank you for providing a good collection.
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Thank you Sir, we are trying all that we can Didier Mekoo

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Dear Mekoo... Your example is good. nice info....

shafi ..

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Dear Mr. MEKOO Didier You have given a very good example of plagiarism. Nowadays, we are seeing in many conferences, young students submitting papers, claiming that they have done some work. Actually, they present the work done by their seniors. If they have at least some role in the preparation of the paper and if they have the acceptance of their seniors, it is alright. Sometimes, in some conferences, I am observing that, students are bringing, publishes research papers and from that, they are straight copying and claiming that they have done that work. This is an unhealthy tradition. Students should not have that much anxiety about publications and presentations. If they are giving a presentations on somebody's review article or research, the very first slide should announce that matter. Vijaya Ratna

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