GPAT 2014 questions

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questions of morning session of 25th feb

First person from india to reveal gpat questions of GPAT 2014

1.methotrexate-leucovorin rescue
2.amla biological source
3.pharma ethics governance-PCI
4.nobel prizes-for penicillin,insulin,dna match type
5.arteriol and venula dilator
6.SN2 reactivity order
7.IUPAC Of Hetreocyclic involving nitrogen&chlorodiazepoxide
6.D-VALUES on microbiology(UV)
7.function of audit
8.transculent n flexible rubber
9.Condensation reactions of organic-3 questions-both splitting and condenation
10.Sum on handerson-hasselbach reaction n normality of ammoniun thiocyanate
11.cycloaddition reaction-which steps it follows?
12.nonbenzodiazepine drug
13.phenol-water system-UCT
14.solvent not used for small volume parenterals
15.linctuses used for? compatment/ 2-compartment based on which principle
17.BCS classification based on
18.epithelial carcinoma
19.barter syndrome
20.quenching causing compounds
21.PNMR of crotonaldehyde
22.glycogen disease
23.polycytymias in athletes
24.clinical trial consent from healty person
25.inosine monophosphate in denovo synthesis
26.from glasses-important terms for colour protection
27.diacytic stomata
28.anthraquinone n saponins chemical test
29.antidotes matching
30.N,C,S,O glycosides matching
31.particle size decreasing order for colloids,emulsion,suspension,solutions
32.sterilsation types principles used for?
33.principle on sterilisation techniques?
34.particle size influencing parameters?like wt.variation,disso,disintegration,tablet size
35.prolong storage of sustained dose form results in?
36.addition of electrolyte to zeta potential?
37.complexometric indicator?
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I think dis is more than enough to know the depth of paper...........
but oneding questions are more concentrated on physical pharmacy,industrial pharmacy

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