Tablet Packaging Machines

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Tablet Packaging Machines

They are different types of tablet packaging machines, which are divided as follow:

  1. Strip Packing Machine2
  • High Speed Tablet Strip Packing Machine
  • Automatic/Soft Double Al Strip Packing Machine
  • High Quality Tablet Strip Packing Machine
  • Rotary Type Tablet Strip Packing Machine
  • Automatic Alu./Alu. packing machine and foil strip packing machine
  1. Blister Packaging Machines1,2
  • Automatic Strip Blister Packing Machine
  • PVC Blister Packaging of Tablets
  • Self-checking Molding Aluminum Blister Packing Machine
  • Good Quality Blister Strip Packing Machine
  1. Aluminum foil packaging machine3
  • Double-side Aluminum Foil Packing Machine

4.Accucounter Tablet Packing Machine3, 4

  1. Automatic Pouch Packing Machine
  2. Vertical tablet packing machinery
  3. Economical Tablet Packaging Equipment
  4. Fill & Sealing Machine
  • Pedal Type
  • Pneumatic type
  1. Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine

What are the features and applications of all tablet packaging machines?

  1. Strip Packaging Machine

Strip Packing Machine is a high speed packing machine suitable for a variety of products like tablets, Capsules, dragees etc. High quality sealing is achieved with features such as temperature controllers, variable pressure for sealing rollers and rugged and precision construction. Strip Packing Machine

  • Made suitable for most of the heat sealable coated films like paper poly, aluminium foil poly, Glassine poly, Cellophone poly etc.
  • Standard interchangeable parts available ex-stock.
  • Adjustable cutting arrangement.
  • 2/4/6 track machine available.
  • Quick and easy changeover of parts for different products.
  • Sealing Rollers with precise knurling.
  • Noiseless, Trouble free, smooth operation.
  • Compact body with attractive paint / powder coating and parts with suitable corrosion resistance coating.2

High Speed Tablet Strip Packing Machine

It is a fully automatic ,widely used in pipelining work for large quantity package with high work efficiency, installed with pin hole device, adjustable film feeding system and adjustable conveying table, meets different requirements for different products.High Speed Tablet or capsule Strip Packaging Machines

  • It contains cutter plated Teflon which is heat resistant alloy, results in good sealing ,without melting the film and any smoke pollution.
  • Assembles one horizontal and one erect sensor for the entrance to the sealer it is easy to switch over, even for some thin products, it is also easy to pack them.
  • The length of film feeding, controlled by magic eye and counter, also fixes an inductive motor for collecting wasted film automatically.
  • When pack different sizes of products, it is simple to adjust, need not to exchange any molds or any bag making device.
  • To pack different size of products together for sales promotion effect.
  • Adopts OMRON digital temperature controller with PID function, sealing temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate, can set temperature optionally, the cutter itself has a protective function, avoid from damage the products.
  • The machine fixes an organic safe glass cover, with alarm function, so that the operator is safe.
  • The machine can be connected with the production line, which is no need additional operators. 2

Automatic/Soft Double Al Strip Packing Machine

Automatic/soft double Al strip packing machine

  • It is suitable for automatic double-aluminum foil hot sealing package for tablets, candy and pills in medicine, healthcare, chemical, foodstuff etc industry. Meeting the requirement of sealing for avoiding light, and also it can be used in double plastic hot sealing package.
  • It is suitable for automatic aluminum-aluminum foil heat sealing packing for tablets, candy and pills in medicine, healthcare, chemical, foodstuff etc industry.
  • Meeting the requirement of sealing for avoiding light, and also it can be used in plastic-plastic heat sealing package. It automatically completes the functions such as vibrating material feeding, broken piece filtering, counting, lengthways and transverse impressing, cutting margin scrap, batch number printing etc. It adopts PLC programmable controller, with frequency converter, man-machine interface to operation, and also can adjust cutting speed and travel range at random. It is accurate feeding, tight sealing, full purpose, stable performance, ease of operation. It can enhance the product grade, extended product durability.
  • It is a ideal equipment for pharmaceutical industry.
  • It is suitable for automatic doublealuminum foil packing for tablets and pills in medical medicine, chemical industry, foods etc industry.2

High Quality Tablet Strip Packing Machine

Main Features:

  • SCM with colorful HMI screen
  • Simple and Fast Bag Size Changeover
  • Different dosing systems for different kind of food products
  • Hot Stamping Date printing available
  • Protective Cover for cutter


Equipped with different dosing systems, the VFH series packing machine could automatically finish the packaging processes of various tablets capsules, granular, powdery, liquid food products, from product filling, plastic bag forming, data printing to finished bag output.2

High Quality Tablet Strip Packing Machine

Rotary Type Tablet Strip Packing Machine

Rotary Type Tablet Strip Packing Machine

  • Human computer interface (HCI), easy for parameter setting.
  • Self checking function, fault self detected, clearly display.
  • High sensitivity photoelectric eyes, color code tracking, digitizing input accurate positioning when cutting and sealing.
  • Temperature controlled by independent PID, suitable for different packing materials.
  • Positioned stop setting, no sticking knife.
  • Simple power train system, working reliable, easy for maintenance.
  • All controlled by software, easy for function adjustment and technology upgrade.

Applications: Suitable for various kinds of regular objects, medicine (tablets and capsules), daily appliances, industrial spare parts, paper boxes, pallet, etc. 2

Automatic Alu./Alu. packing machine and foil strip packing machine

Automatic Alu./Alu. packing machine and foil strip packing machine

This machine is suitable for the automatic bi-al foil sealing of capsules and tablets or balls for the pharmaceutics, chemistry and food-staff industry. The package can be air tight and can avoid the light, and also can seal the capsules bi-plastically. Vibration feeding and fracture screening, numbering, vertical and horizontal pressing, cutting the extra sides and printing the lot number can be made fully automatic..

Strip/Alu-alu Packing Machine suitable for automatic double aluminum foil hot sealing of tablets and pills. 2

Packed tablets by strip packaging machines

  1. Blister Packaging Machines

It is a unit dosing pharmaceutical packag

ing machines which uses the blister materials like polystyrene, poly vinyl chloride, polypropylene etc.1

Blister Packaging Machines

Automatic Strip Blister Packaging Machine

Automatic Strip Blister Packing Machine could pack tablets or capsules into strip packs.Automatic Tablet Strip Blister Packaging Machine


  • Vibration feeder and crisp remover can effectively remove the powder and crisps inside medicine.
  • Auto counting, horizontal perforation, slitting, waster-side cutting, printing batch number and auto punch etc functions can be achieved automatically in one process.
  • The diameter of heat pressing cam can be changed from 110 to 140 mm.
  • The rotation speed of the material controlling cam is equal to heat pressing cam, and the cams equilibrium is equal to medicament nest of heat pressing cam. Therefore it can have the distance from the plate edge the medicament nest and the one between the central medicament nest be equal.
  • The punch adopts electronic checking signal and PLC programs. It can change the number of granules at any time in the horizontal direction of the plate, making the user free to change the plates without replacing the moulds.
  • It ca

    n be equipped with an additional cursor tracking and registering plate system, inking wheel printer to have the products printed beautifully and uniformly, upgrading the products. The digit numbers are stamped more clearly. 1

Automatic Strip Blister Packaging Machine

PVC Blister Packaging of Tablets

It is suitable for packaging of all kinds of liquid and solid in large & medium Pharmaceutical factory, health medicine factory, hospital preparation lab, food industry, Electronic industry, hardware industry, etc.

PVC Blister Packaging of Tablets can protect the material from steam or dust, improve product packing degree, and increase the additional value. The PVC Blister Packaging of Tablets is used to produce large quality and single product. 1

PVC Blister Packaging of Tablets

Self-checking Molding Aluminum Blister Packaging Machine

Flat structure, registration heating, mechanic forming, up and down moire, air cylinder heating sealing, manipulator draw, adjustable stroke, ease of operation., which can fit for medicine-card packaging of different sizes. The molding hard Aluminum of other factories adopts the concave-convex coordination to lock the mold. The body can be manufactured separately because for the easy movement to the wrok shops.

It is used to pack the pharmaceutical medicines like tablets, capsules etc

Self-checking Molding Aluminum Blister Packaging Machine

Good Quality Blister Strip Packaging Machine

  • The machine station module type design of level frame, good sight, safe and convenient operation.
  • The special design of moulds in rectangle shape, ladder type fixing, provide much convenience and easy to moulds replacement. All material contact parts adopt high quality stainless steel and aluminum metal, slap-up surface treatment craft.
  • Feeding efficiently, reliable and suitable for many kinds type arrange and irregular feeding,(according to actual product design fit feeder).
  • The machine has been designed separately.
  • This machine mainly be used in packing pharmaceutical products, such as tablets, pills, capsules and drugs.
  • This packaging way (blister-pack) can improve product's quality, enhance product's additional value. 1

Good Quality Blister Strip Packaging Machine

Packed tablets by using Blister packaging machines

  1. Foil Packaging Machine

Tablet aluminum foil packaging machine is suitable for packing all kinds of liquid, paste, solid product through change the feeder. It consist of moulds such as forming, heat seal, punch can be adjusted willingly on the guide track, suitable for different size plates, easy adjust, good adaptability, high accuracy.

Mechanism hands for traction, stroke adjustable, easy operation, stable running.

With parallelaxes bevel gears reducer, avoid loosen or slippage caused by chain or belt. Mould location by pin, easy change mould.

Adjustable operation panel, suitable for different plates and easy operation.

Aluminum foil reel adopt stable device, cancelled the affection of pull force change
with the ALU foil reel gradually diminish, thus it made a great role in synchronization.The up and low moulds for heat seal mate each other completely, with multi level cylinder
compressing heat sealing, the net pattern show clearly, firm, and reach 100% seal.

Low heating temperature of up and low heating with aluminum alloy, finally make out the
plump forming blister, specially suitable for packing of hot sensitivity medicines. 3, 4

Foil Packaging Machine

Double-side Aluminum Foil Packing Machine

This is a new type one that we adopt fast-development automatic control technology and then create and design It has the characteristics such as high technological content, novel structure, high efficiency, low noise, conveniently maintaining and mending. etc.
It is suitable or the packing of troche, capsule and electronic component of vocations such as pharmacy, electron and food etc. And it is also suit able for packing of nubby objects such as candy, etc.

It has a good photophobic and sealed function. It adopts PLC control. Its procedures such as filling, hot sealing, tangent printing batch code, cutting adjusting procedure, etc. can be randomly set. It cannot be limited by common type machine's machinery ranking gear, speed proportion. So the work will more convenient, the speed of packing will be high, the effect of the packing will be better. 3,4

Double-side Aluminum Foil Packing Machine

Packed Tablets Aluminum Foil Packing Machine

4.Accucounter Tablet Packing Machine

The AccuCounter BT tablet/capsule counter is an ideal machine for packaging tablets, capsules, caplets, transparent gel capsules, and much more. Each AccuCounter BT features a sleek design and straight forward controls making them the best looking and easiest to use semi automatic bench top counters on the market.

AccuCounter BT bench top semi automatic model features two nozzles for continuous counting and filling as well as a dust accumulator for helping to insure long term accuracy. Speeds range from up to 1000-2000* tablets per minute (up to 1000 capsules per minute) making the AccuCounter BT one of the fastest semi-automatic counter/fillers available. 3,4


  • Quanlity, high performance counter capable of accurate calculating of capsules, tablets, pills and other similar sized products
  • Easy to use back lit, multi-line alpha/numeric display with
  • No change parts required for calculation of most transparent
  • The combination of modules makes replacement easy
  • Dual stainless steel nozzles for continuous filling and counting
  • Sanitary stainless steel construction meets emp standards
  • Variable counting speed
  • Dust Accumulating device protects the machines accuracy

Accucounter Tablet Packing Machine

  1. Automatic Pouch Packing Machine

This is a fully-automatic packing machine with Form-Fill-Seal function which is widely used for food, beverage, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals packaging. This type of machine can make stand up pouch and then finish the packing process. The main packager can be integrated with various filling systems, suitable for all kinds of products, such as powder, small granule, liquid, viscous liquid, paste, tablet, candy, solid, stick, large solid and irregular products.


Independent Sealing Device

Independent pouch making, no product on seal; higher seal strength, less leakage; better pouch appearance.

Rolling Perforation Device

Compact structure, easy adjustment; even perforation; longer operational life span.

Servo Advance System

Easy computerized specification change; Stable pouch advance with less deviation; Big torque moment of pouch advance, suitable for big volume.

Dual Filling Station

Reduce filling time by half, improved filling accuracy, can fill 2 products simultaneously. 3,4

Automatic Pouch Packing Machine

  1. Vertical Tablet Packing Machinery

Suitable for round sugar coated tablet, capsule, chocolate bean, mesh mallow, button, steel ball, bolt and nut, any solid product with identical shape etc.


  • The machine is featured with compact structure, durable, logical design and precise.
  • This operation is much more stable, low noise and low malfunction.
  • It can finish automatically all processes, such as measuring, filling and bag marking. 3,4

Vertical Tablet Packing Machinery

  1. Economical Tablet Packaging Equipment

It is complete line of economical tablet and capsule packaging equipment for production speeds ranging from 20 - 90 bottles per minute.This economical tablet lines do not sacrifice counting accuracy even as great savings can be garnered compared to our our higher end equipment.

Busch Machinery can help you layout your lines exactly to fit your production and space requirements. 3,4

Economical Tablet Packaging Equipment

  1. Fill & Sealing Machine

Pedal Type:

This is a foot pedal operated machine. The packing film is loaded on a shoot which acts as funnel for filling operation. A pre measured quantity of product to be packed is filled into the pouch through funnel and heat sealed cutting blades provided - separates two pouches from each other.

Pneumatic machine also offered for thicker film and more sturdy sealing applications

Impulse / Direct heat sealing system as per customer's requirement.

  • Ideal for packing ghee / oil / liquids / granules, tablets / powders / chips or any other free flowing materials
  • Adjustable table to accommodate pouches of different length
  • Audiovisual indication for filling and sealing process

Fill & Sealing Machine Pedal Type

Pneumatic type:

The machine works on same principle as of Fill & Sealing Machine (Pedal type) but for pneumatic operation of the sealer, which makes the operator to work on the machine effortlessly. 1, 2

  1. Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine

It adopts the single chip control offered by American Intel Company, which makes it possible to adjust the package's length. There is no need to replace the gears. It can be revised to the right position after the intelligent cursor positions 1-2 packages.

Automatic tablet packing machine adopts advanced chain pitch wheel transmission system to conduct continuous sealing. This design not only guarantees the machine's stable operation, but decreases noise, increases life span and its efficiency.

It is suitable for the automatic packaging of round tablets used in medicine, foods and spheroidal sugar coated tablet, plain film, chocolate beans and pan goods. 1, 2

Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine


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  3. packaging machines.

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