Cartridge Filters

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Cartridge filters are the machines which is used in filtration purpose by uses the filtration technology of removing solid matter and suspended impurities from a fluid stream by passing it through a variety micro porous filters, ultrafiltration units, green sand cartridge filters, activated carbon cartridge filters, diatomaceous earth and multimedia cartridge filters.


Cartridge filters are defined as fabric or polymer-based filters designed primarily to remove particulate material from fluids.

Cartridge filters use a variety of media to remove contaminants, depending on your application. The filter media in our cartridge filters encompass a wide range from sand, anthracite and quartz to conditioned media for iron and manganese removal, and activated carbon.
Cartridge filters range in style from particulate and high purity water cartridge filters, to activated carbon filters, vent cartridge filters and replacement cartridge filters for laboratory usage. Our cartridge filters are available in a wide variety of sizes, capabilities, and specific end caps.

Cartridge filters have a filtration rate from 0.1 up to 500 micron.

They are manufactured by affixing the fabric or polymer to a central core and they are usually rigid or semi-rigid. Cartridge filters are disposable and easily replaceable.

The choice of cartridge filter depends on the application. Cartridge filters are preferable for systems with contaminations lower than 100 ppm, that is to say with contamination levels lower than 0.01% in weight.


  • Catridge filters is a thin porous memberane in which pre-filter and membrane filter are combined in to the single unit.
  • The filtration ction is mainly sieve like and the particles are retained on the surface.


The cartridge filter systems are basically of two styles

  1. Smaller systems usually use a single wound cartridge
  2. Larger systems usually consist of multiple cartridge filters

Smaller cartridge filter systems such as those used in a home filtering system typically are constructed from some type of plastic or stainless steel.

The body of the vessel usually is made of clear plastic (or stainless steel). The lid usually contains the outlet ports, inlet ports and pressure relief valve. Taps or ports for pressure gauges are may or may not contain in smaller cartridge filter systems.

Larger cartridge filter systems can use either pleated or wound filters and usually use multiple filters in a single housing.


Single Filter Systems:

A single filter system would likely be somewhat rare in a water treatment application. A single filter system would only be applicable for extremely small systems with an extremely high quality source water. Home water filter systems are usually single filter systems.

Prefilter - Post Filter Systems:

It is configured so that the feed water initially passes through a filter with a relatively large pore size and then is filtered through the finer post or final filter.

Multiple Filter Systems:

A pre filter - post filter configuration is an extension of the multiple filtration system. Rather than it is having a pre filter and a post filter, a multiple filtration system would consist of progressively finer filters plumbed in series.


The slurry is pumped into the catridge holder. It passes through catridge filter unit by the mechanism of straining. The clear liquid passes to the center and moves up to collect through the outlet.

Working of the catridge filter


Wound cartridge filters:

Material : natural or synthetic yards, which are wounded around a central tube or former.

Filtration : sand, scale, lime, rust, fine particles.

Applications: drinking water, boilers, washing machines, pre-filtration in water treatment, sea water desalination, processwater, chemical processes.

Filtration range: 0.5 - 150 micron

Length: 5-10-20-30-40

Melt-Blown cartridge filters:

Material: one-piece cordless construction, consisting of pure polypropylene micro fibers, thermally bonded to prevent any fiber migration.

Filtration : sand, scale, lime, rust, fine particles.

Applications: Water treatment, pure water pre-filtration, fine chemicals, reverse osmosis, sea water desalination, beverages, solvents, cosmetics.

Filtration range: 1-75 micron

Length: 5-10-20-30-40"

Activated carbon cartridge filters:

Material: Polypropylene fleece and net, or washed polypropylene yarn or polyester felt filtering medium and granular activated carbon

Removal of color, smell, taste contamination, pesticides, chlorine, organic substances.

Applications: Potable water, washing machines, anti-chlorine treatment in alimentary, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, pre-treatment for reverse osmosis units.

Filtration range: 1-25 micron

Length: 4-5-7-10-20-30"

Stainless steel cartridge filters:

Material: stainless steel filtering net with a polypropylene inner core.

Filtration of: sand, scales, rust.

Applications: drinking water, washing machines, boilers, pre-filtration for pumps, irrigation systems, protection of industrial systems.

Filtration range: 70 micron

Length: 4-5-7-10-20"

Pleated cartridge filters:

Material: Pleated polypropylene or stainless steel filtering net with a polypropylene inner core.

Filtration : Sand, scales, rust.

Applications: Drinking water, boilers, washing machines, pre-filtration of water pumps, irrigation systems, protection of industrial installations.

Filtration range: 50 micron

Length: 4-5-7-10-20"

Oil-Block cartridge filters:

Material: Polypropylene caps and outer shell filled absorption media

Applications: oil and gas industry, marine ballast and bilge water treatment systems, surface water, other industrial applications...

Length: 40"


Catridge filter is particularly useful for the preparation of the particulate free solutions for the parenteral and opthalmic. This filter holder will process 1000 to 15000 litres of sterile solutions per hour.

The cartridge filtration mainly consists of three general application in a water treatment plant. They are:

1. surface water treatment rule compliance.

2. Prefiltration prior to subsequent treatment.

3. Solids removal.

Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) Compliance:

Surface or ground water filteration was done by the catridge filters under the influence of the surface area. Given the nature of cartridge filters, their application is likely limited to small systems with high quality source water.


Cartridge filters can also be used as a prefilter prior to other treatment processes.

Liquid filtration:

Bulk chemicals, petrochemicals, water purification, hydraulic fluids, cosmetics/ pharmaceuticals, reagent grade chemicals, paints, varnishes, semiconductors,sugars, electric utilities, paints/varnishes often used as final filtration after other filters

Gaseous filtration

Gas dust removal in industrial, atmospheres, compressed air filtering, atmospheric dust, smoke, fumes, solid contaminants in the system.


  • Stain less steel cnstruction permits autoclaving for sterile operations.
  • Catridges with self cleaning devices are advantageous.
  • Rapid disassembling as well as reusing of the filter media is possible.
  • Catridge are not brittle, when they are dry.
  • They are used in line continuous filtartion which reduces handling of solutions.
  • It minimizes the chance of contaminations.


  • Cost of disposable elements offsets the labour saving in terms of assembly and cleaning of catridge clarifier.
  • A number of the manufacturers provide the components which are generally not interchangeable between suppliers.


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