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Pharmaceutics Tutorials for NIPER JEE exam

Pharmaceutics Module for NIPER JEE

We will learn the following topics in this module: Various dosage forms: Tablets, capsules, solution, emulsion, suspension, semisolids, parentrals, opthalmics, and aerosols. In

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Author: Kapil Pal

Kapil Pal holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Pharmacy. He is a registered pharmacist based in India. He had earned a national scholarship to study at the prestigious National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Punjab, India. He has a lot of medical articles to his credit, published in the Drug Today Medical Times, India. He authored three chapters for the Encyclopaedia on Pharmacology and Society, Sage Publications, which is currently in the publishing stage. He has also published many business cases in Sage Publications.He has also authored a book on Ebola Virus Disease, titled Ebola: Is There Any Cure? He is currently working in a UK based pharmaceutical consultancy company.

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