History of Pharmacy in my country - Romania

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History of Pharmacy in Romania

History of Pharmacy in my country - Romania

In Europe, the first documented pharmacy was opened in 1241 and is located in Trier (Germany), about this pharmacy is said to be the oldest in Europe.

In Romania, at Sibiu was the first pharmacy in 1494. Then open pharmacies in Brasov, Bistrita and Fagaras. In 1573 Cluj come among the first to benefit from the pharmacy, Pharmacy Museum is established. By the seventeenth century, the pharmacy was administered by the authorities, then rented Tobias Mauksch pharmacist. Pharmacy then passed to the Hintz family and operated in exactly the same location since 1949, under the name "Saint George" was founded by a family of Germans and functioned almost 400 years old, 5 years later the area was refurbished as a museum. The museum was inaugurated in 1954.

Oficina (room where was selling drugs) is decorated with a mural in Baroque style, which dates from 1766. The decoration of dispensary is unique in Romania.


Pharmacy authentic furniture dating from the nineteenth century - XVII. Old ships are exposed to various types of pharmaceutical, pharmaceuticals, old books and documents.
We meet over 200 pharmaceutical wooden vessels, dating from the XVII century and XIX. In this type of vessels kept pharmacists herbal powders obtained powders minerale. There are some wooden portable pharmacy, whose drawers contain numerous bottles with the appropriate labels.

The next most important collections of its kind in Romania are located in Bucharest and Craiova, but without approaching the status of a museum.

In the basement pharmacy will find medieval ambience of a pharmaceutical laboratory where only access sai. Here, pharmacist assistants are exposed antiques, used for centuries for the preparation of healing remedies. Mummy powder, eye cancer and asphalt Syria. These are just some of the ancient remedies have seen many flasks exposed today. Distillers of brass, percolator (installation for producing dyes), containers and bowl bronze and brass, pewter vases Pharmaceutical and Mensur, a substrate with old wooden mixing containers glass, ceramics and wood, bronze and cast iron mortars.

The museum is located in a central area of Cluj, heavy traffic: Union Square, corner of King Ferdinand, for those who wish to visit.

In 1921 he founded the movement history of pharmacy in Romania, driven by French professor dr. Jules Guiart.In April 1, 1921 was founded the Institute for the History of Medicine, Pharmacy and Medical Folklore, under Professor Jules Guiart.

A joint venture of the History of Medicine, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest was founded in 1929 by Dr. Victor Gomoiu (1882-1960). This company functioned until 1948, being suppressed by the communist regime.

A new company History of medicine was founded after 5 years in Bucharest and became the Society for the History of Medicine and Pharmacy, in 1972.
After the fall of communism was founded current Romanian Society of Pharmacy (SRIF, June 13, 1991), an independent, also based in Bucharest.

In the history of pharmacy, everyone can find something interesting - even if non-pharmacist - because of great diversity: it may take an interest in people, art, techniques, beliefs, political or professional structures and obviously their actions. In addition, this knowledge leads to understanding this prestigious past and the future. This century is dominated by technology, we can see the different framing and pharmacies in the sector, with the advent of online pharmacies on the internet that offer customers more easily on drugs.

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