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Table of Contents

1. Emergence of Pharmacy Practice - A Prognostic View World Wide

2. Pharmacy Practice in Modern Times - Impact of Technology

3. E-Prescriptions

4. Clinical Pharmacy Services

5. Cognitive Pharmacy Services

6. Fundamentals of Clinical Trials

7. Home Medication Review

8. Issues and Challenges in Medication Compliance

9. Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

10. Patient Reported Outcomes

11. Pharmaceutical Care

12. Pharmacist's role in Prescription Scrutiny and Patient Safety

13. Pharmacoeconomics and Its Applications

14. Pharmacy Practice in Chronic Disease Management

15. Inter-Professional Collaborations in Clinical Practice

16. Evidence Based Medicine in Pharmacy Practice

17. Practice of Toxicovigilance, Haemovigilance and Diagnostic Vigilance

18. Value Added Service and Opportunities in Community Pharmacy

19. Trends in Pharmacy Services in Special Populations

20. Patient Counseling

21. Ward Round Participation- Mastering Knowledge and Understanding

22. Organizing Drug and Poison Information Centres

23. Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring

24. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

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