Structure of dendrimers

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Different parts of Dendrimer

Structure of dendrimers:

As discussed before Dendrimers is nothing but like a spherical shape structure quite like a football. The center of this sphere is constructed from a single atom. As per example in PAMMAM dendrimer it starts from a Nitrogen atom. This nitrogen atom spreads its three bond like branches and attach carbon atoms. After that Carbon atoms also adds other molecules like Nitrogen and in this manner other element are added by lone by one and form a well defined spherical structure.In this way dendrimer scientist can synthesize the dendrimer according to their needs.

Structure of dendrimers

Fig 1: Structural configuration of Dendrimer

From the above discussion we can say that dendrimer is composed of three separate architectural components

(i) An initiator core.

(ii) Interior layers (generations) composed of repeating units, radically attached to the interior core.

(iii) Exterior (terminal functionality) attached to the outermost interior generations.

Fig 2: Different parts of Dendrimer

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