Nanotechnology ethical and social challenges

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Nanotechnology ethical and social challenges:

Nano ethical issue is one of the biggest challenges in pharmaceutical nano drug industry. Although nanotechnology is growing phenomenon in pharmaceutical development but ethical and social issue stands for a big challenge in pharmaceutical industry. The following issues can be described as a Typology of Ethical Issues associated with emerging nanotechnology in ways that are illuminating and productive.

1. Social concern challenges: Social context problems arise from the interaction of nanotechnology with various nonscientific aspects of the social or institutional. The various social context issues can be classified as unequal access to health care, inequalities present in our education system, unequal access to modern technology, lacking of information security/privacy protection, unprotected intellectual property systems, unequal exposure to environmental hazards and insufficient consumer safety protection.

2. Challenges from moral and religion Issues: There are various moral and traditional religion belief issues may have tussle with the progress in modern Nanotechnology. Substantial number interaction with of morally controversial practices or activities--i.e., those that a substantial number of citizens believe should be abandoned. Examples of controversial moral and religion issues will be practiced and the major activities in which nano-scale science and technology are likely to be related include biological weapons development, synthetic biology, and construction of artificial organisms, stem cell investigating research and various genetic manipulations of human beings.

3. Techno culture Issues: Techno culture challenges emerge from various critical issues of the role of technology within the present social systems. Techno culture issues include an excessive dependence on technological solution to counter various problematic effects instead of finding the underlying causes of the problems. There are other concern is that young children are using various nanotechnology based computer and calculator. Those calculators are so much sophisticated that the entire mathematical related problem can be solved with any using their scientific thinking. For this reason the basic scientific knowledge is not up to the mark. In addition, overdependence on technology makes people lazy and non productive.

4. Form of Life Issues: There are various issues related to quality of life arise from nanotechnology's synergistic impacts on aspects of the human social life. If nanomedicine increase the average human life span even around 10 healthful years, norms and condition of human life will need to be reconsidered and this will make an significant impacts on various family norms and structures ,life plans and social and political institutions.

5. Transformational Issues: Transformational of nanotechnology in to other emerging technologies, such as biotechnology, information technology, computer science, cognitive science and robotics may transform the basic features of the human situation In such type of cases some important aspect of our ethical concept would need to be reconstituted--for example, Personal identity or the moral status of highly intelligent robots.

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