Where to Find the Results of Completed Clinical Trials?

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At present, millions and millions of volunteers are giving the gift of participation in clinical research. Number of volunteers participating in clinical trials is increasing year over year. These healthy volunteers or patients are the people who help the researchers in answering the important medical questions that could be potential in benefiting the public health.

As such, these participants had to spend weeks, months and even years in the clinical trials making their visits to clinical research sites. They would require maintaining a log of their symptoms as well as treatment reactions. In addition, they would require getting examined in a regular basis. Thus, these people should know what was learned from their participation in clinical trials and whether their participation has led to knowledge that would help others dealing with illnesses and medical conditions.

So, where do they find the results of a clinical trial? It is to be noted that the clinical trial results will not always available publicly. At times, a clinical trial would end before completion or researchers might never publish the trial results. (1), (2) This article would help you in knowing about the sources to find the trial results:

Company is the Primary Source:

Yes, the company that is making the drug candidate or the company that is sponsoring a particular clinical trial might be the only source of clinical trial result. The world's leading pharmaceutical companies like: GlaxoSmithKline, Boehringer Ingelheim and Bayer are maintaining the clinical trial registers on their own where you could find the trial information. In addition, these company websites are having results summary page wherein you could find the results of all the completed as well as terminated trials. For some of the ongoing trials, you could even find the preliminary as well as interim results in the result summary pages. Here are the links to the result summaries of these companies:

For GSK:


For Boehringer Ingelheim:


For Bayer:


In GSK result summary page, you will be able to search for a clinical trial by specific drug name while in Boehringer, you can search by indication or drug name. In the Bayer registry, you will have the option of entering keywords for retrieving the required trial results. Alternatively, you can search for a clinical trial result by specifying one or more of the following information:

- Product

- Country

- Condition

- Trial Status

- Phase

- Results Synopsis available (y/n) (3), (4), (5)

Clinical Trial Databases Are The Major Source:

The major clinical trial databases will provide you with the trial results. One major database is the ClinicalTrials.gov which is a service of the 'U.S. National Institutes of Health'. The results database in ClinicalTrials.gov was launched in the year 2008. In this database, the following results information will be available to the public view:

- Participant Flow

- Baseline Characteristics

- Outcome Measures

- Statistical Analyses

- Adverse Events

The following link will help you in understanding how to find the clinical trial results from ClinicalTrials.gov:

https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/help/how-find/find-study-results (6), (7)

Another major database for clinical trials is 'EU Clinical Trials Register'. In the homepage of the website, you can search for clinical trials by entering keywords. After retrieving the search results, you can scan the studies with results. If the result is available for a particular study, the Trial results column would show: 'View results'. You can view the results by clicking this link. An example of the trial result given by the EU register is as follows:

https://www.clinicaltrialsregister.eu/ctr-search/trial/2011-004433-14/results (8), (9)

For Indian specific trials, you can get the results from 'Clinical Trials Registry - India'. Here, the study information will give you the information on results if the results are available. This information will be available in the 'Publication Details' of the study page. (10)

CenterWatch Can Also Be Checked:

'Trial Results - New Medical Therapies' product of CenterWatch database would provide you with the detailed results for the drugs in ongoing as well as completed clinical trials. Here, the clinical trial results will be categorized by therapeutic area. Here is the link for your reference:

http://www.centerwatch.com/clinical-trials/results/new-therapies/ (11)

PubMed and Medical Journals Are Good Sources:

You can search for clinical trial results in PubMed where you will find the abstracts of almost all the clinical trials that are carried out across the globe. Sometimes, you will find the link to the free full-text article in the abstract page of a particular trial. Even if you do not find the free full text article link, you can perform a manual search in the particular journal where it is submitted by making use of the citation that has been provided in PubMed abstract. Some of the journals will require you to register for paid subscription in order to access the full-text of trial results. (12)

'The Oncologist' for Oncology Trials:

If you are seeking the results of oncology trials, I would say that 'The Oncologist' database is the great source. This is a database that is specific only for the results of oncology trials. You can either search using keywords or using the 'Advanced Search' option for retrieving the trial results of the desired studies. The link for this results database is as follows:


Another good source for cancer trials will be the results database of National Cancer Institute. Here, you can search studies by the 'type of cancer' or by using keyword search option. Here is the link for the NCI results database:

http://www.cancer.gov/clinicaltrials/results (13), (14)

Drugs@FDA - Label Information Is Another Major Source:

The drugs that are approved by FDA can be found in 'Drugs@FDA' database. Here, you can search by entering any of the following information or through alphabetical order:

- Drug Name

- Active Ingredient

- Application Number

After opening the drug record, you could find label information for some drugs. By opening this label information of a particular drug, you could find the results of clinical trials. An example for this would be the drug record of 'Mirena'.


In this PDF, the clinical studies section would give detailed information of all the clinical trials that were conducted using this product. (15), (16)

Meetings and Conferences:

You can also find the information on trial results posted in meeting and conference websites. If you know the drug name and therapeutic area, you can easily perform a search through the meeting websites that are pertaining to the disease type to find the results of the trials posted there.


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