An Introduction to Registry and CenterWatch

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Introduction to Registry and CenterWatch

'Clinical trials', which is a more familiar term these days can be defined as the prospective research studies conducted on human participants. These research studies can either be biomedical or behavioral. They are specifically engineered for answering some specific questions about the various interventions such as:

- Novel vaccines

- Drugs

- Treatments

- Functional foods

- Dietary supplements

- Devices

- New ways of using the existing interventions

Are you willing to be a part of these clinical studies? If your answer is yes, know from where you can get information on clinical trials that are suitable for you. Here are the two huge registries where you can view information on clinical trials that are being conducted all around the globe. (1)

What is is a huge clinical trial registry that contains information on publicly/privately supported clinical trials involving human subjects conducted all around the globe. This is also a results database. Know about this site here:

How to Find Studies in

Here are the various ways to find clinical studies in

Using Basic Search: In order to find trials using basic search option, you may use the search box which can be found at the top of any page on the site. You may enter keywords in this box and click 'search'. You will get a list of search results from this. In this list, the clinical studies which are closely associated with your search keywords will be listed first. Here, you could also see which studies are:

o Recruiting new participants

o Not recruiting new volunteers

Using Advanced Search: This search will allow you to focus your clinical trial search thereby allowing you to gain greater control over your search results. You can find this option on the homepage under the search box. You can utilize various search fields in order to narrow/broaden your search results. In this form, you could specify:

o Condition

o Recruitment status

o Age group of subjects

o Location

Modifying Your Search: The search result would display a list of clinical studies fitting your search keywords. If you do not receive the results you are looking for, you can modify your search. Click on 'Modify this search' for bringing up the 'Advanced Search' form.

Finding Studies by Topic or on a Map: By choosing 'See Studies by Topic', you can browse for clinical studies from any of the following six categories:

o Conditions

o Rare diseases

o Drug interventions

o Dietary supplements

o Sponsors and collaborators

o Locations

Also, you may choose 'See Studies on Map' for finding the clinical studies that are being conducted in any particular:

o Region

o Country

o State

o Province

In this type of search, you would first arrive at the total number of studies that are being conducted in each region.

In addition to the aforementioned options for retrieving clinical studies, you may also find the site helpful for learning about the clinical studies where you can find the answers for your questions on clinical trials. In this site, you can also see the glossary of common terms which would help in better understanding about the trial information. (2)

What is CenterWatch?

CenterWatch is one of the leading sources of clinical trial information for both the professionals as well as general public. This site would offer you with numerous resources to the patients. The 'Clinical Trial Listing Service' of CenterWatch is able to provide you with unbiased information on various clinical studies. It is to be noted that, CenterWatch is a database which is specifically meant for currently enrolling clinical trials.

In order to help you in reviewing these clinical trials, information about drugs as well as novel medical therapies are available in this website. CenterWatch is the database which is committed to provide the information on:

- Clinical trials

- Specific drugs

- Health resources

- Educational resources

How to Find Clinical Trials in CenterWatch?

In the search page of CenterWatch, you can browse clinical trials by entering keywords in the search box. Also, you may search for clinical studies from one of the following three categories:

- Medical condition

- Therapeutic area

- Location

Receiving Trial Information in Your E-mail:

You may use free 'Patient Notification Service' through which you would automatically receive e-mails as soon as the clinical trial matching with your medical condition or geographical area is getting posted on the website. In order begin with this service, you must subscribe by entering your e-mail address. You may contact, if you have any question on creating an account.

Searching Drug Information in CenterWatch:

The drug information page of the website will give you a listing of FDA approved drugs. The information on drugs includes the following information:

- Drug name

- Approval status

- Indication of use

- Clinical trial results

In order to assist you in your search, you can make use of 'Review descriptions' option. While searching for the drug information, you may use any of the following search criteria:

- Year

- Company

- Conditions

- Therapeutic areas

- Drug names

Utilizing the Patient Resources:

In the patient resources page, you would get all the latest information on the clinical trials with which you can stay informed about the new trials through the e-mail notification service. In addition, you could learn the following things from the resources:

- What is clinical research?

- Volunteering for a clinical trial

- Understanding the informed consent

- Glossary

Furthermore, the additional patient resources would give you the information on health resources, other patient organizations along with the community blogs and support groups.

There is a specific page for knowing about the descriptions on medical therapeutic area wherein you can read the detailed descriptions of different medical areas. This page would assist you in finding the correct category to start your search on:

- Clinical trial

- Drug therapy

- Trial results

- Health association

- Patient resources (3)

I hope you are now aware about the utilities of these two huge databases on human clinical trials. No matter you are a professional or patient, if you want to find any clinical trial information, you may utilize these sites for retrieving information more quickly and easily.





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