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Supercritical fluid is defined as a substance at a temperature and pressure above its critical point where the liquid and gas phases do not exist. (1)

Critical point: The point of highest temperature and pressure at which the substance can exist as gas and liquid in equilibrium. (2) It can diffuse through solids like gases and dissolves materials like liquids. (1)


Supercritical fluid chromatography is a chromatographic technique that uses supercritical fluids as the mobile phase It has few advantages over gas chromagraphy that is gas chromatography is suitable only for volatile solvents as mobile phase.

Solubility with the capability to use nonselect gas phase detector is the major advantage of supercritical fluid chromatography(SFC).

Topics for May

Hello bloggers,

These are our topics for May.

Navya Sai:

  1. An introduction to 'SuperCriticalFluids'
  2. Sources & Cultivation of Narcotic Drugs

SS Md Shafi:

  1. An introduction to Super critical Fluid Chromatography: Its advantages & disadvantages.
  2. Narcotic Drugs Act

Ragha Naveen:

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