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A competition which gave me identity

Hello everyone ...Feeling very happy to be a part of this Skills test 2011. In fact I was supposed to be a participant in Skills test 2009 but was not fortunate as I was not aware of how to get into this and wasn't having a proper guide. In this context I should thank Sirisha and Suresh Kumar for encouraging and introducing me into this vast platform of

Memoir of my journey!!!

Behind most of the victories one or other person is involved. How can I forget my parents, who extend their constant support whenever I shoot new online tasks. Since I do not have a personalized system I need to rely on the desktop which is located amidst my parent's room. I should acknowledge this issue because sometimes the blogging time is midnight while sometimes it is early morning. Yet, they never complained of their wee sleeping hours.


Cardiotonics are medications used to increase the tonus of cardiac muscle. They help in strengthening the cardiac muscle and increase cardiac output. Most commonly used categories are CARDIAC GLYCOSIDES, SYMPATHOMIMETICS etc. They are given in cases of CARDIAC SHOCK, MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION, CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE, CARDIAC SURGICAL PROCEDURES.

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