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Hello viewers,

"World environment day... 5th June, 2010..."

Environment:-0 Yeah!! We all know to what extent our surrounding environment is getting polluted now days. Where ever you go around like in metros or developed or developing cities you find more number of people residing there, more number buildings, more number of vehicles, more sophisticated and latest advancements in all aspects, blah..blah..blah!!

But, do you find more number of plantations, Green belts etc., around you? NO right?
Yeah!! that's what made me to concern about this environment and on this occasion I would like to share with you all about it..

Pleasant green ambience..> Cool breeze..>> Surrounded by mountains and trees..>>> Quite atmosphere. Once just close your eyes for a while and imagine how it would be..:)
I can understand, you think it's hilarious but, it's not. Just feel it then you will understand how it would be...

Let me share about some of the strange things in the environment I have seen recently i.e just in a period of past two months.

  • I have a very stupid habit of capturing every interesting think that I see in my cell phone which I use. Frankly speaking I'm photos Freak. I know it sounds slang but just tried have an open talk here so..:) Anyways, one day when I was doing plantation along with my friends, I was really shocked to see the industry leaving smoke like this as in pic where lots of people were residing... Shocking Isn't it?


  • The next was recently when I was leaving to Ahmedabad from Vizag but taking connecting flight via Mumbai; I was shocked to see the change in slums near to the air-port with in a period of 1 year. There are many small scale industries I guess, around 15 or more. All are leaving smoke into the environment at the same time and besides that these industries are located in & near that slum. I thought of taking a pic at that time but bad luck, Air hostess sat at beside row:(
  • The next was about paper. I went to my dad's office I found lots of papers and files in spite of them having all the latest communication and data storage services (like LAN internet, laptops, all mobile services etc.,). When they have lots of such services, what is the necessity for them to put everything in a paper? It's not the case only in that company but in many and most of the companies throughout the world. Isn't paper coming from plants?

Just try to sense the pain how plant feels while destroying it. Just imagine how much you struggle (the pain) when you burn yourself along with it.. Isn't it painful? I felt that, so I'm presenting you in the form of a pic. Just see..


So my dear fellow pharmacists, by this blog I dont know to what extent I reached would like all you people to share your views about:

Your contribution in protecting the environment (something whatever you have done),
your ideas of protecting, anything whatever you feel like..

Would be very happy if you share it along with photos so that others see and learn from it. Let the users of this be an example to others..:) Let us show others what we contribute to our environment..
I wish every one to here by attach the 'Green ribbon' which i have designed on this occasion in their comment and share their views..:)

*** I'm posting this blog not as a participant of this Skills test, but as a responsible human in this environment ***


Bhavani prasad.V


About the Author


V.B.S.Aishwarya's picture

Dear Manu,

Your pic itself shows how much pain you are feeling, really you did an awesome job and thanks for reminding about this day.

You have nicely potrayed your taughts.

Here are small contributions from my side

I have been to many plantation programmes conducted by my uncle's office.
I don't say I have avoided plastic completely but I have reduced its usage to an extent.

Here are few ways which every individual can do in protecting our environment

  • Optimum use of water.
  • Proper Disposing of wastes ex Kitchen wastes can be used for plant growth. Maintaing compost pits.
  • Using recycled paper.
  • Dependence on renewable sources of energy.
  • Switching of lights and fans when not required.
  • Dependence on public transport.
  • Undergoing some plantation programmes
  • The main evil for this pollution is PLASTIC ,so it is better if we try to avoid it by using some alternatives like cloth and paper bags.

I once again thank you for bringing this burning issue into discussion







Bhavani Prasad.V's picture

Thankyou so much for your valuable participation Aishwarya..:) Yeah!! your view on plastic is really interesting. It is causing lots of problem now a days which most of the rural people are not aware of.. I have been to Mundra a place in Kutch,GUJARAT state, where i found lots of black plastic covers buried in the soil.. Anyways thanks for your participation..:)


Bhavani Prasad.V

Uma Pratyusha's picture

Hello BP, It was really very nice of you to remind all of us about the 'World Environment Day'on june 5th! And I would like to share my views on this........ 1)As Aishwarya said,plastic is becoming a great problem to dispose with its increased use and we should make every effort atleast on our part to decrease its use. 2)I saw so many people wasting water when certain areas of people are craving for the same water.The wastage may be because they forgot to put off the motors which was my own experience.Moved by so much water being wasted,I never forgot to put it off from then on by keeping alarm in my mobile. There are many such experiences which everyone face in their day to day lives and I wish everyone makes some efforts to curtail the pollution and conserve the natural resources for our future generations........!!!


Uma Prathyusha

Bhavani Prasad.V's picture

Yeah!! Pratyusha.. even water wastage is also one the major problem. Its well experienced in this summer by most of us i guess. I personally experienced this problem. There no water in our apartment for two days and everyone of us at that time used water as if it was some kind of immortal liquid :P But yeah, its loss really causes a great disaster in our environment..


Bhavani Prasad.V

Payal Dande's picture

I must say, Great efforts taken were taken by you to express the importance of Nature in our Life. Keep it up. Good to see such thaughts coming out from young generation like you. The points given by aishwarya is very important, beside i would also request to make less use of deodarants and spray having CFC to preserve our Ozone layer.
Bhavani Prasad.V's picture

First of all thankyou so much for valuable comment mam. I was little busy with my personal work so couldn't give a quick reply to your comment. Yes mam!! usage of deodorants has become a fashion in youth now a days. Frankly speaking even i don't go out with out taking perfume or deodorant. But definitely I'll try to stop its usage at the earliest.. :)


Bhavani Prasad.V

S.M. Habibur rahman's picture

Hi...You have put great efforts to display your concern about our beautiful environment which is exploited day by day.....Good to see your blog and your concern...Its every ones duty protect our environment.....I like to add a point here...Green chemistry is one of the best practice which can be focused more for saving our environment from hazards.....
Bhavani Prasad.V's picture

Yes sir, you are right. Green chemistry is one of the best practice. But unfortunately most of the people are not aware of it properly. Even I'm not completely aware of it. So, hope there would be some blogs coming out about this Green chemistry..:) Thakyou so much for you comment sir.:)


Bhavani Prasad.V

Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dear Bhavani Prasad

Very good. You rightly have focused on the most important issue. I am at the moment touring in North India and its scorching heat is enough to remind everyone about global warming. The heat in Indore and in Bhopal is just frightening. You cannot stand on the road for two minutes in the afternoon at 11 o clock. We feel like the boy in your photo.

As for me I am avoiding plastic; whenever I purchase anything I refuse to take plastic bags; I carry a cloth bag with me when I am on a walk. And when I am not pressed for time and when my body is also not aching I take a bus home rather than an auto. I am constantly reminding myself that my professor identity is restricted to college and is not elsewhere.
Environment must be protected.

Vijaya Ratna

Bhavani Prasad.V's picture

Dear mam,
I'm really excited seeing your comment. I apologize for my delayed reply to your comment because of some busy personal work.
Yes mam rightly said, most of the northern places are with horrifying temperatures this summer. the day when I landed in Gujarat it was 460C at Gandhidam. Really hot!!

The boy in that picture is none other than 'ME' mam.:)

I just wanted to express my view in the form of pic. So just made it..:)

Anyways thankyou so much for your comment mam. I'm very delighted:)


Bhavani Prasad.V

Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Bhavani Prasad Very good expression. Your personality is vibrating through your blog. Good. Vijaya Ratna
Bhavani Prasad.V's picture

Dear madam, Thanks for your comment. Actually I am a nature lover. So, I was very much worried about how fast the environment is deteriorating day-by-day and I think it is the condition of all nature lovers.


Bhavani Prasad.V

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