Color Moods

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Hello my dear viewers,

Here is another Blogging bee back in form with an interesting colorful blog- 'Color Moods':) So, what's late.. Let me start with it..;)

As my Co-Blogging bee already told you about the significance of Rainbow colors now, I'm going to discuss about which mood of you is reflected by which color and which color sooth's it.

Generally, a dull day with less sunlight makes one feel depresses and deprived of energy. Dull in the sense, you don't feel like doing any work..;)

This is because the color vibrations are a source of power & energy, each having a specific function.


Before going into detail, it is my duty to mention about the great scientist, Sir Isaac Newton who was the one who discovered that white light is an amalgam of 7 colors (VIBGYOR) when passed through a prism. Each color has a specific wavelength and cannot further be split.

This is not a new thing as we know; it is an age old art because the great painters such as Picasso and Da Vinci have expressed their feelings and emotions through paintings and their colors. It was used as a means of communication. In this context, I would like to quote Picasso, "There are painters who transform the sun into a Yellow spot, but there are others who thanks to their art and & intelligence, transform a Yellow spot into the sun."


Color without our realization has a profound effect with us both physically & mentally. So, I have take up this topic as it's essential to keep in mind, the emotional associations of humans with colors.


Red, Orange & Yellow colors are considered as 'Warm colors' because they give us a feeling of warmth as they are related to fire, heat & sunshine. They are very eye-catching.

Green, Blue & Purple are considered 'Cool colors' because they make us feel cool as they are related to water bodies, sky & mountains. These are an excellent choice for background. Also, green is symbolically associated with money.

BLUE = Spirituality:-

It is the color of vast bodies such as Oceans, Skies etc., So it helps us to think in a broad way and have a spiritual outlook. It brings us,

  • Calmness and peace
  • Relaxation and understanding
  • Enhances our communication skills with oneself and others
  • It also sooth's illness and treats pain

In China, blue is the color of immortality.

In Colombia, the color of soap.

In middle east it is a protective color.

For Hindus, it is the color of Lord Krishna.

Finally, it's the safest global color.:)

YELLOW = Wisdom:-

Since it is the color of sun, it is a life giving & energy sustaining color. So, it activates the various systems present in the body. It is the color which stimulates nerves& purifies blood. It brings,

  • Clarity in thought
  • Improves memory
  • Clears confusion
  • Improves decision making skills
  • Brings orderliness
  • Stimulates mental growth

Gifting a yellow rose to others signifies friendship.

In Asia, yellow color is sacred.

RED = Vitality:-

It is the color which attracts the eyes mostly. It provides sustenance to the body through breath. It brings,

  • Energy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Interest and security
  • Stimulates the body & mind and increases circulation.

As you all know, red is also associated with love, danger, strength, violence, anger, emergency signs, blood, etc., It evokes a fight-or-fight response by increasing blood pressure and heart beat.

It is not generally preferred for psychiatric wards, prisons & hospitals.

In China, red is used for celebrations and luck.

In India, it is the color of purity. So, used in wedding collections.

ORANGE = Creative energy:-

Since it the combination of Red & Yellow, it has the energy of Red and wisdom & balance of Yellow. So, this color signifies control and thought fullness. It brings,

  • Creativity
  • Practical exploration
  • Relief
  • For lung healing

It is also used on caution signs like red.

The site of Orange color generally brings into mind, the fallen leaves (autumn season), Halloween & pumpkins.

In Ireland, Orange is the color of Protestants.

GREEN = Life, Balance, Nature:-

It is a unique color as the human eye can recognize more variations in only this color than any other. It brings,

  • Health & harmony
  • Sympathy
  • Balance
  • Abundance
  • Growth, expansion and prosperity
  • Fertility
  • Jealous and inexperience
  • Envy & misfortune

It has tremendous healing power hence it is worn by surgeons.

An interesting fact is that, wearing green hats in China meant that his wife is cheating him.

In France and other countries, this color is not used for packing.

In India , it is the color of Islam.

In Ireland it is the color of Catholics.

In tropical countries, it is the color of danger.

INDIGO = Infinity:-

It is a sedating color. It brings,

  • Clear sub-consciousness
  • Spirituality
  • Self-mastery and wisdom
  • Awareness
  • Improves psychic abilities.

VIOLET = Highest Spirituality Attainment:-

It can be regarded as both completion or starting of energy vibrations.
It gives a practical sense to one. It,

  • Improves imagination
  • Brings inspiration
  • Dark shade of violet signifies sorrow
  • Deep purple related to high spiritual attainment
  • Pale liac related to love for humanity
  • Bluish purple signifies idealism.


It is the blend of all colors in perfect balance. It represents,

  • Purity
  • Simplicity
  • Cleanliness and sterility
  • Peace and humility
  • Youth, birth and marriage.
  • Winter or snow.
  • Innocence and percussion.

In Japan, white color signifies death.

In eastern countries, it signifies coldness and sterility.


It is a good technical color. This color represents,

  • Power & wealth.
  • Elegance & style
  • Mourning, death, unhappiness, grief etc.,
  • Anger, fear, & evil
  • Sophistication, depth & sexuality


Colors have become a part & parcel of our lives in such a way that we use them in our daily conversations like,

'Add cheer with Yellow'

'Black Day' or 'Black market'

Some superstitious beliefs like, "Don't let a Black cat cross your path" etc.,

So my dear pals and viewers - Always be cheerful with colorful moods!!


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Bhavani prasad. V


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D Shravani's picture

Hie Bhavani, I am really impressed by your blog. Its interesting to know that colors affect us so much. I will agree with all those you claimed under blue (i have to becoz its my fav color) So, let me try others whether will there be any change in my mood...


Bhavani Prasad.V's picture

Thankyou so much shravani..:) Even Blue is my favorite color too.. Hope, practicing this brings u some positive result..:)


Bhavani Prasad.V

A.R.Khan's picture

One more creative blog from your team . Refreshing again . Good job !
Bhavani Prasad.V's picture

Thankyou soo much sir:) I'm in cloud-9 after seeing your comment for my blog sir, because this is first time you commented for my blog..:)


Bhavani Prasad.V

P.V.ABHIGNA's picture

Bhavani prasad, I have actually heard of this color concept but when i tried to imagine a color it always turns out to be dark.I mean its irrespective of my mood.Can you tell me why does this happen. Regards,


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