Pharma legislation

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The issue needs and deserves lot of discussion and it is high time that some gap-analysis is done in the legislated Acts and Rules to make it apt to the current situation. Example: 1. Registered Pharmacist certificate is given under Pharmacy Act to accord all privileges in practice of pharmacy. 2. Drug license is given under D & C Act to the Reg Pharmacist to SELL / DISTRIBUTE' drugs. 3. There is no term like 'CHEMISTS & DRUGGIST' in any Act. We find all retail licensed outlets carrying bold board CHEMISTS & DRUGGIST! 4. A Reg Pharmacist cannot put up a board 'PHARMACY' unless he compounds and dispenses. Actual compounding and dispensing as defined in the Act is obsolete Who is demanding professional service" All pharmacists except the ones who are actually at the retail counter talks of patient counseling. But neither the Drugs Act demands nor the doctors relish professional practice by the pharmacist. The patient on his part doesn't know what to expect from the chemist other than the dispensed drugs. Legislation doesn't support the pharmacist but is in place to cow-down the pharmacist Both the Drugs Act and the Pharma Academia should be addressed to ensure free flow of information and translation of pharma education into professional practice. Otherwise,the situation What we teach is not / cannot be practiced What is practiced is not / cannot be taught - will continue for ever. This confusion is further compounded by too many pharma qualifications. Also please look into this link:


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