India Pharmacist Convention-2014 - A unique event

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India Pharmacist Convention-2014

I P C-2014 , New Delhi

Dear all,

Greetings & Good wishes.
Permit me to share the brochure of an unique event that is going to be perhaps the first mile-stone that it address the basic professional issues that has never been addressed comprehensively anytime and anywhere in India.
The uniqueness is that the evnt addresses the prevailing status in national Health Policy, Strength and opportunities to be consolidated, the challenges and threats to be effectively addressed with the help of policy makers and beurocrats.
Its an event meant to deliberate straight on admin matters.
I suggest and recommend to please forward this to all your pharmacy friends and colleagues and administrators and policy makers both in India and overseas.
I solicit a whole hearted support to this revolution from all the pharmacy students and professionals.
Visit this link for details of India Pharmacist Convention-2014:
Bhagavan PS

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