93. Myth & Reality in Pharmacy (India)

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My voice on the fate of the professionals coming out of the college and the the profession has been a lonely cry in the wilderness.

Neither the pharmacists unite nor the bigwigs listen.

Unfortunately I think we do not have pharmacy graduates well experienced in hospital service to raise the voice or may be they have wisely resigned from the issue knowing its futility.

But, I feel guilty if I do not bring out and show the Myths and Reality, for the benefit of all stakeholders:

  1. 'Pharmacy' is a practical subject is a myth But Teaching within 4 walls is a Reality
  2. Pharmacy practice in India is a Myth But working without professional freedom under clinician and administrators is the Reality.
  3. What is taught on 'Pharmacy practice' is Myth But Needs of the field is a Reality
  4. 'Pharmacist' is a Myth But Qualified Person (QP) is a Reality
  5. Pharmacist is a Myth But 'Approved Chemist' is a Reality
  6. Section 42 of Pharmacy Act is a Reality But presence of Pharmacist at the service counter is a myth
  7. Presence of Pharmacist could be a Reality But service with professional freedom is a Myth
  8. Pharmacist should dispense only if prescription is in order - a Myth. Incomplete, address-less, Nameless prescriptions are a Reality No drug without prescription is a Myth but 'Teller' system is a Reality
  9. Pharmacist to promote Rational Use of Drugs - a Myth But Irrational prescriptions - a Reality
  10. Pharmacist is not a decision maker and cannot refuse stocks for any reason - is a Reality but is accountable for loss and irregularity, is also a Reality but is an irony


1. Helping a patient to economize treatment by suggesting a less

expensive brand or generic is not permitted (Pharmaco-economics ?)

2. Correcting the dose and dosage is not permitted (Ph-vigilence ?)

3. Sold-stocks-return even if it is in good condition is not

permitted (Pharmaco-economics ?)

4. Counseling the patient will be viewed as 'Overtaking the doctor'

5. Any attempt to discuss the medication regimen suffers from

incapability and if ventured by some Capables will be discouraged.

(Ph-vigilence ?)

- In such a scenario, What is Real and What is Myth is anybody's



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I am Bhagavan ,Rtd. Dy Dir.(Pharmacy),Govt of Karnataka, India and currently serving as Registrar, KSPC, Bengaluru, India . I love to write on Hospital pharmacy series related topics out of my experience and observations. Check out my Pharmacist in the Hospital.

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