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Day-in and day-out the term 'Pharmacy practice is echoing in class rooms and local to international seminars and workshops.

All pharma journals and media are flooded with articles on 'Pharmacy practice

Dr Nagappa naik's blogs on 'Pharmacy practice are very interesting.

As I go through them I feel the information are very much relevant to prevent preventable medication errors on one hand and to increase the efficacy of the prescribed medicine to minimize morbidity.

That means, 'Pharmacy practice' is the main, important and core occupation or so-to-say duty or in terms of the Indian pharma academic favorite term ROLE of the pharmacists.


If it is practice, shouldn't this be an on-hand training or teaching in a hospital or a pharmacy?

  • 'Pharmacy practice is a deliverable service out of knowledge and skill

  • 'Pharmacy practice 'skill' is valued on the ease of communication.

But, we don't see any pharmacy (as defined in the law) anywhere and don't see pharmacy students with their teachers in any hospital like the way we see the medical and nursing students learn.

The question that arises are:

  • Is it justified to teach 'Pharmacy practice in-camera away from the field as a course only to develop capability in the students to reproduce some answers in the examination?

  • Can the 'Pharmacy practice skill be evaluated only on answer papers?

  • Should the student not be evaluated on his capability to collect and understand patient-profile, disease-profile, medication-profile, hospital drugs logistic system, quality evaluation system in the hospital etc?

Dr Meghana's revelation that Pharmacists are losing grip on patient's contact (in her blog) in community-pharmacy is quite alarming.

The question that needs to be answered is how and where do or can the 'Pharmacist' competitively and comfortably find an opportunity to serve and survive in a situation where:

  • the wholesale drugs trade do not require pharmacist,

  • the retail chemist is doing away with the pharmacist

  • Pharmacy practice and counseling are not defined in the law and

  • the academe is running in-camera education on 'Pharmacy practice' with no exposure to field skill.

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