65. Pharmacists Vs other science graduates

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Time and again I don't know wherever I go either I will get into evaluation of pharmacy graduates or graduates themselves would be narrating their job seeking plight to me - that makes me sad. The experience of one M Pharm Biotechnology graduate (Mr Vishwanath) who met me yesterday and narrated his job seeking plight created pity on him and annoyance on the system. He had such a good credentials and I felt really sad at his plight. He was asking me a question which I was asking in 1970s! Why it is not made binding on the industry to appoint only qualified pharmacist? That means even in 2012 the pharmacists employment scenario is same as it used to be earlier. We were facing cometetion from Bsc and MSc graduates. An industry in Bangalore appointed a BSc graduate in preference to mine though my performance was better in the interview! Nevertheless, I boosted his morale and motivated him to be positive as such set backs are too common. He left me with a smiling face. 10 minutes latter I received an SMS from him profusely thanking me for the patient hearing of his problem and for the confidence building advise.He has written that he would meet me before flying to west indies. well, the question remains and has remained like a dead wall.But, my question WHY IT SHOULD REMAIN? why there is no effort to resolve the issue? Who should take up the issue and who should be held responsible? PCI?, AICTE? or University? I guess, the following could be the reasons: 1. Biotechnology is taught to BSc and MSc students by MSc (Biotechnology) and PhD (Biotechnology) professors. B Pharm (Biotechnology part) and M Pharm (Biotechnology) is taught by professors with M Pharm and PhD in Pharmaceutics / Pharmacology / Microbiology / Industrial chemistry. - the quality is self explanatory. 2. The syllabus and teaching stream changes with the market trend and persons with field experience teach the biotechnology to BSc and MSc biotechnology. Teachers who teach B Pharm and M Pharm do not have field experience. 3. BSc and MSC biotechnology graduates are less expensive to industry than M Pharm biotechnology. Now, look at the community pharmacy. I had an occasion to evaluate the pharmacy candidates for their retail chain pharmacy. Though we appointed few, none of the candidates including B.Pharm knew Stock evaluation,SQU costing,assessment of market potential. Well, I do not blame the students for such a state. It is the system, syllabus, teachers,teaching, learning method and assessing parameters in the examination. It is really unfortunate that pharmacy has been made a class room subject. It is akin to teaching vehicle driving in a class room using blackboard and pushing the student onto the road with a vehicle. he has scored more than 80 /100 in driving exam. So expectation is he should drive! I am appealing again and again. Please make pharmacy a field oriented subject with very minimum of class room session. Drugs Act was born in 1940. Pharmacy Act was born in 1948 I did my B pharm in 1969 - when the scenario was bald with no visible trace of any law and popularity of pharmacy course, degree was quite low. Now, after 70 years of Drugs Act, 60 years of pharmacy act and over 40 years of my pharmacy life I find no difference. CAN't WE ADDRESS THIS ISSUE AT LEAST NOW IN ALL THE FACULTIES OF PHARMACY TO MAKE THEM A FIELD ORIENTED SUBJECT? Bhagavan ps


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I am Bhagavan ,Rtd. Dy Dir.(Pharmacy),Govt of Karnataka, India and currently serving as Registrar, KSPC, Bengaluru, India . I love to write on Hospital pharmacy series related topics out of my experience and observations. Check out my Pharmacist in the Hospital.


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Dear sir

A great post and i also accept the plight of pharma students. Even i do have many interns around me doing their thesis work and always complaining about pharma field. Sir, I am not having a fast experience as yours. But i would surely make few points here

Are the students knowing their basics right? u yourself said that for a Pharmcist interview, none of the candidate knew even the basic questions related to the subject.

You think that an industry would take such guys?

i don think so.

Are the students that serious to do their homework before going for an interview?

The bitter truth is that majority of students are still not clear with their basics. May be retail pharmacy was not in their syllabus. But u have google for that. I guess you can find atleast basic information from that.

The another thing which still students do not look into is confidence and communication skills. If you are a university topper but you do not know how to express yourself, thats of no use at all. No degree or no college teaches you how to speak and have confidence. It all comes from within.

And yes i always say to all the interns and PG students, that select a field in India which is in boom. Why anyone wants to invest in biotech in india? When hardly any indian Pharma has its own research molecule since all this years, you cannot think of biotech products to grow. (May be Biocon and Panacea are working on biotechnology, but still there is no that much of a success rate) India is a generic market and so it is better to be in those fields where your degree can fetch you a job.

Lets forget and don get into the laws and policies. Lets make ourself perfect and full of knowledge.

Indian Pharma has a lot of scope and jobs even for fresher. You just need to find the right area and prepare yourself.

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