63. Perception of progress for pharma vision 2020

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This blog of mine may look odd but, believe me there is stuff in it as one goes little deeper and treasure in it if explored! Every news letter,bulletin, letters, journals, magazines in Indian pharma sector carry one common page or a column 'New drugs' where new molecules or formulations approved by DCGI or FDA is mentioned. The pharma journals invariably carry the technology advances in process and formulating industry. New ideas, thoughts, ventures, projections etc are also published. Should we just consider these to be the measure of our progress. Is the vision 2020 is only to have new molecules and technology which is going to be a continuous process perhaps beyond 4040! What we fail to see is whether these new molecules , formulations, technologies will bring happiness and smile on the common man? or when we look back on 2020, do we feel happy with time and energy we have spent in bringing out these so called developments?. Is this chase not a mirage? What I foresee as the need is, versatile growth and development of indigenous resources keeping the patient in focus. The real progress and development is not in developing new technology and dispensing new molecule or formulation, but in exploring the indigenous techniques and remedies available within the reach of the common man, defining them, refining them, standardize them and support them. There are plenty of remedies in rural India which are a real challenge to the modern medicine and surgery. Lets not wish away them as quackery, superstitions etc just because our yards stick cannot measure or assess them. I feel students should take up the study of such remedies for the good of all.

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