Job of a medical representative in Pakistan

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A medical representative is that person who provides authentic information to the doctors and other health care professionals about his products. He not only added value to their clients by giving information about his products but he also introduces new products, drugs and devices to their Clients. The main purpose of providing this information to the doctors is actually to promote the sale of the products assigned to a medical representative.Doctors get benefit from the medical representatives in terms of the latest information regarding advancements in the treatment options with new effective drugs and devices while the medical representatives get benefit from the doctors in terms of increased sale of their products.

In fact medical representative is usually assigned by a specific geographical territory in which they do their work. In this specific territory they usually meet those doctors who can prescribe his products. Mostly the list of all his concerning doctors is given by his company so that he can work easily. The territory of each medical representative varies from a single town to a number of towns depending upon the products and the company for which he is working.

Medical representative is also assigned by a sale target also known as bench mark. This target is on monthly, quarterly and annually basis.

He has to meet his sale targets to justify his job. Companies facilitate their medical representative by samples, gifting and other activities for the doctors.

Each company works according to its policy and promote his sales while remaining within the boundaries of its policies and ethics

A medical representative always has a handsome salary with other benefits like bonuses and medical facilities. In spite of these benefits whenever a medical representative achieves his bench mark he is rewarded in the terms of money as well as by international trips.

What are current opportunities for medical representative job in Pakistan ?

In Pakistan more than 600 pharmaceutical companies are operating. Out of these only 478 are properly licensed. Only 25 multinational pharmaceutical companies are operating in the Pakistan while all other are national. Both national as well as multinational pharmaceutical companies offer the jobs of medical representative.

In national companies you can get the job of a medical representative if you are a graduate in arts or science.

While in the multinational companies pharmacists and master in science are preferred over the graduates.

Job in the national pharmaceutical company in Pakistan is not secure means you can be fired at any time without any solid reason. With this your salary is less and other benefits are also not provided. On theother hand multinational pharmaceutical companies offer the job of medical representatives which is not only secure but with high salary and other benefits also.

In Pakistan due to unemployment many people are coming to this field to support their families in spite of the fact that there is almost no respect in this profession in the Pakistan.

A few years back in Pakistan Medical Representative profession was respectable but now has lost his worth in the society.

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