Two statements are given regarding the uniformity of dispersion test (LP.): [P] : It is evaluated using 6 tablets and 500 mL water [Q]: It involves measuring the dispersion time of each tablet Choose the correct set of statements.

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(A) P is correct while Q is incorrect
(B) P & Q both are correct
(C) P is incorrect while Q is correct
(D) Both P & Q are incorrect


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P & Q both are correct

Dispersion test or disintegration test:

The dispersion test is defined as the time at which the dispersion of the tablets takes place. The test is done by using the apparatus known as USP disintegration apparatus.

It has 6 tubes with the mesh at the bottom of the tubes. This test can be done by using 6 tablets with 500ml of water in the container. Then start the apparatus so that the connected tubes moves up and down and the dispersion of the tablets takes place. Note the time for 6 tablets.

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