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Introducing for the first time in India,  

"The Pharmacist eLearning Management System" (PLMS)

Therapeutic essentials for Pharm.D professional

We take this opportunity to invite you to visit us at stall number T94, (academic section) at the 67th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress (IPC), JSS university campus, Mysore.  

Looking forward to meet with you



For the tutor / lecturer

u  Provides for an enriching teaching experience

u  Saves you a lot of time compared to regular conventional teaching methods

u  Provides for in-depth lectures  with special emphasis on therapeutics concepts

u  Provides uniformity and quality in lecturing

u  Has a direct, positive impact on student comprehension and understanding

u  Provides the flexibility to conduct interactive discussions and quiz sessions with your students


For the student

u  Provides students with in-depth therapeutic knowledge and facilitates their interaction with physicians

u  Enables them prepare for the 'Qualifying' International Pharmacist Licensure Examinations 

u  Provides them with 24 hour access to customized content relating to various topics.

u  Content can be visualized on a PC, Smartphone, or tablet

u  Enables students to work on multiple choice questions based on a format adopted in International Pharmacist Licensure Examination

u  Provides Faster delivery and access to updated content

u  Offers students the flexibility to join discussions with fellow classmates and lecturers.



Uday Manoj

Executive consultant - Training & Programs

Azimuth eLearning Services - India & USA

Phone : 9790333293

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