Can any one enlighten me on the following issues: 1. When a drug is banned under the law of the land, How much time the law provides for functionaries at different level to return the stocks to their principals?

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Eswar GsnkRao's picture


Dear Sir,

I think there should not be any delay in return of banned stocks.

The Regulatory division should be very strict in SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT too, such that the return of stocks can be done as soon as possible. The legal department should be very strict in making the banned drugs back to the shore.


ESWAR :-) 

Ph. Bhagavan P S RPh's picture


True sir the law should be strict.

But, the person-oriented descipline is only a relative descipline.

The terms 'Quickely', immediately' etc too are abstract terms with no definitive timeline.

Hence, the law should specify the time line after which the drug should not be in posession of any body anywhere.

The D&C Act should address the issue rather than leaving it to the descritionary strictness of the regulatory officers, as it is another scope for illegal practice.

What do you say sir?

Bhagavan P.S. B Pharm

Rtd. Dy Dir.(Pharmacy),Govt of Karnataka, India

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