Amygdalin hydrolysis give

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  1. Mendelonitrile+benzaldehyde
  2. Mendelonitrile+benzaldehyde+glucose
  3. Mendelonitrile+glucose
  4. Mendelonitrile+benzaldehyde+rhamnose


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Bitter almonds are dried ripe seeds of plants, prunus amygdalus batsch var amara which belonging to the family rosaceae. Bitter almonds consists of about 40 to 50 % of a bland fixed oil, 20% of proteins, an enzyme emulsion and a colourless crystalline bitter glycoside known as amygdalin (1 to 3%).

Bitter almond also contains 0.5% of volatile oil. Amygdalin on enzymic hydrolysis by an almond v-glucosidase preparation hydrolysed to give prunasin and glucose, prunasin gives to mandelonitrile and glucose, mandelonitrile to benzaldehyde and hydrocyanic acid. The mandelonitrile and hydrocyanic acid from amygdalin by the action of the v-glucosidase preparation favour the probability that three different enzymes are involved, each specific for one hydrolytic stage, namely, amygdalin lyase, prunasin lyase and hydroxynitrile lyase.

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