82. Each of the followings options lists the name of the drugs, its class pharamcolgical action and plants source. Choose the correct option choosing the wrong combination ?

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a) Asafetida, oleo gum resin, anti flatulence, ferula foetida
b) Bezoin, balsam, antiseptic, styrax benzion
c) Myrrh, gum rein, antiseptic, commiphora wightii
d) Papaine, enzyme, proteolytic, carica papaya


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Myrrh, gum rein, antiseptic, commiphora wightii


it is also called as gum asafetida, devils dung. it is the olea resin obtained by the incision from the rhizomes and rooys of the ferula foetida and ferrula rubricaulis belonging to the family umbelliferae.

chemical constituents

it contains 40 to 60 % of resin, 20 to 25% of gum and 4 to 20 % of volatile oil. the resin of the drug consists of asaresinotannol in the free or combination form of ferrulic acid. the chief constituent of the oil are secondary butyl propanyl disulphide. other constituents of oil are di and trisulphides, pinene and other terpenes.


  • carminative
  • nervine stimulant
  • intestinal flatulence
  • flavouring agents
  • used in the veterinary medicines


it is also called as Sumatra bezoin, lodan. benzoin is the balsamic resin obtained from the styrax bezoin or styrax parallelonenrus perkins belonging to the family styraceae.

chemical constituents

Sumatra benzoin contains free balsamic acids and esters derived from them. triterpinoids acids such as summareinolic and siaresinolic acids are also present. the major constituent of siam benzion is an ester coniferyl benzoate. the drug also contains styrol, vanillin and phenyl propyl cinnamate. it also conatins insufficient amount of cinnamic acid.


  • expectorant
  • carminative
  • diuretics
  • antiseptic
  • protective
  • treatment of upper respiratory tract infections
  • used in cosmetic pharmaceutical preparations


it is also called as gum myrrh, bol, myrrha. it is an oleo gum resin obtained from the commiphora molmol engler belonging to the family burseraceae.

chemical constituents

it contains about 10 % of volatile oil, 60% of gum, 25 to 40% of resin and bitter principle of about 3 to 4 %. it conatins several constituting about 5% of the drug. resin contains ether soluble resin acids, alpha, beta and gamma commiphoric acid. the alpha and beta heerabomyrrholic acid are ether insoluble acids present in resin. the volatile oil contains terpenes, cuminic aldehyde, eugenol etc.


  • stimulant
  • antiseptic
  • protective
  • astringent
  • used in mouth washes and gargles


it is the mixture of proteolytic enzyme derived from the latex unripe fruit of carica papaya belonging to the family caricaceae.

chemical constituents

the different proteolytic enzyme present in papine are the mixtures of papine and chymopapine proteolytic enzymes acts on polypeptides and amides.


  • meat tenderizer
  • used in textile and leather industries
  • anti inflammatory agent
  • relieve symptoms of episiotomy

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