What is reye's syndrome?

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Dear, Reye's syndrome (RS) is primarily a children's disease, although it can occur at any age. It affects all organs of the body but is most harmful to the brain and the liver--causing an acute increase of pressure within the brain and, often, massive accumulations of fat in the liver and other organs. Read more: http://www.medicinenet.com/reye_syndrome/article.htm With regards,

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As an extremely rare but serious illness, Reye syndrome is a disease which predominantly affect brain and liver in children between 4 and 14 years old. Generally it occurs when there is a viral disease that becomes epidemic. Its symptoms include: persistent vomiting, lethargy or sleepiness, in infants, diarrhea and rapid breathing Ref: http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/bacterial_viral/reye.html http://children.webmd.com/tc/reyes-syndrome-topic-overview http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/reyes_syndrome/reyes_syndrome.htm

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