what is the mechanism involved in sublingual drug delivery? how it is beneficial?

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Sub-lingual route (1)- The tablet or the pellet containing the drug is placed under the tongue. It may also be crushed in the mouth and spread over the buccal mucosa. Through this route lipid soluble and non-irritating drugs are administered. Examples of the drugs which are given through this route are- Nitroglycerine (used in emergency case like angina), Isoprenaline, Methyltestosterone. Advantages/ Benefits (2) A.Absorption is rapid and uniform- it is useful in emergency cases like angina (GTN/ Nitroglycerine are the drugs given). B.The liver is bypassed so the drug gets metabolized in the liver and directly enters the systemic circulation during first pass. C.The remaining the drug can be spat out after the desirable effect is achieved. References 1- K.D. Tripathi; Essentials of Medical Pharmacology; Second Edition; Jaypee Publication; Page no-4. 2-R.D. Budhiraja; Elementary Pharmacology and Toxicology; Fourth Revised Edition; Popular Prakashan Publication; Page no-6.

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sublingual route: MOA: mostly the drugs with high lipid solubility are selected to be administered as the sublingual route. for example: GTN, Buprenorphine, Desamino-oxytocin. these drugs due to their high lipid solubility they easily dissolve in the buccal mucosa and pass across the cells and enter the system circulation, and show the action. this takes very less time. Advantages: (1)First pass metabolism is avoided as the drug is absorbed in the buccal mucosa, and does not reach liver. (2)As the process is very fast emrgency drugs can be used by this route, like angina (3)one can spit the drug once the desired pharmacological effect is obtained. reference: 1- K.D. Tripathi; Essentials of Medical Pharmacology; Second Edition; Jaypee Publication; Page no-7.

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