What is the mechanism of action of SSRI's?

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The explanation for therapeutic effects characteristic of SSRIs may be found in delayed neurochemical adaptations. A leading hypothesis for this action is desensitization of somatodendritic serotonin 1A autoreceptors in the midbrain raphe. The hypothesis to explain why SSRIs have such diverse therapeutic actions is that somatodendritic 5HT1A autoreceptor desensitization increases serotonin in those critical brain regions and at those key serotonin receptor subtype(s) which may mediate the pathophysiologies of the various disorders. Understanding the topography of serotonin receptor subtypes in discrete anatomical pathways may enhance our understanding of both the therapeutic actions and side effects of these important pharmaceutical agents. Reference: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10333979

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