What is meant by myasthenia gravis?

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myasthenia gravis is a autoimmune neuromuscle disorder... http://www.medicinenet.com/myasthenia_gravis/article.htm
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dear niklesh rao, Myasthenia gravis is defined as a neuromuscular disease which results in weakness and fatigue of skelatal muscle. It is an autoimmune disorder caused due to deficiency of acetylcholine receptor at post junctional end plate. Anti-cholinesterase drugs are given for the treatment of Myasthenia gravis like- Neostigmine, IV Pyridostigmine and ambenonium. ref- R.D. Budhiraja; Elementary Pharmacology and Toxicology; Fourth Revised Edition; Popular Prakashan Publication; Page no-158. regards,

mridula jayaraman

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