What is meant by blood dyscrasias?

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Blood dyscrasias is a generalized term that includes any kind of blood disorder or problems with the organs that make blood components. Problems with platelets, white blood cells, red blood cells or clotting factors contribute to blood dyscrasias. Diseases affecting the spleen, liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system can cause blood dyscrasias. Hematological problems affect all body systems, as they all depend on blood flow and blood composition for proper function. Blood dyscrasias can be genetic in origin, or acquired. Often there is no cure for genetic blood dyscrasias, and treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms. Ref-http://healthmad.com/conditions-and-diseases/blood-dyscrasias/ Regards-Mystery of migraine
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Also known as Hematologic problems, blood dyscrasias is a diseased state of the blood where the blood contains abonormal pernament cellular element. Ref: http://www.ecureme.com/emyhealth/pediatrics/blood_dyscrasia.asp

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