what is body mass index?

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A balanced diet is essential for maintaining a healthy body weight which can be assessed by calculating Body mass index (BMI).

The nutritionists achieved more understanding in obesity and other abnormal conditions by defining a new unit call Body Mass Index.

This BMI is body mass in Kg/square of height in meters.

It is highly correlated with body fat. Healthy people have a BMI of 20-25. BMI of 25-30 Overweight. BMI of >30 are said to be obese and those with a BMI >40 to be morbidly obese.

Ref:- Pg:394; Text Book of Pharmacology by H.P.Rang & M.M.Dale; Fifth Edition.


Bhavani Prasad.V

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Body mass index (BMI) is a calculation that uses your height and weight to estimate how much body fat you have BMI is body mass in Kg/square of height in meters Ref: http://kidshealth.org/kid/stay_healthy/weight/bmi.html

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