what are the stages in the carcinoma of vagina?

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Stage 0 (Carcinoma in Situ) In stage 0, abnormal cells are found in tissue lining the inside of the vagina. These abnormal cells may become cancer and spread into nearby normal tissue. Stage 0 is also called carcinoma in situ. Stage I In stage I, cancer has formed and is found in the vagina only. Stage II In stage II, cancer has spread from the vagina to the tissue around the vagina. Stage III In stage III, cancer has spread from the vagina to the lymph nodes in the pelvis or groin, or to the pelvis, or both. Stage IV Stage IV is divided into stage IVA and stage IVB: Stage IVA: Cancer may have spread to lymph nodes in the pelvis or groin and has spread to one or both of the following areas: The lining of the bladder or rectum. Beyond the pelvis. Stage IVB: Cancer has spread to parts of the body that are not near the vagina, such as the lungs. Cancer may also have spread to the lymph nodes. Reference: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/treatment/vaginal/Patient/page2

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