What are Metabotropic receptors?

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Metabotropic receptors are the "Receptors which gets activated by the specific ligands and acts by releasing intracellular secondary messengers" http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1O6-metabotropicreceptor.html

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JUst another name of G-Protein coupled receptor Ref: Rang & Dale_ SECTION 1 GENERAL PRINCIPLES > 3 How drugs act: molecular aspects > RECEPTOR PROTEINS

Swagat K. Soni Anand Pharmacy college M.Pharm (Pharmacology)

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Dears, Can you explain in detail. Regards,

Shruti Priya

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metabotropic receptors are also called as G protein coupled receptors, these contain an g protein associated with the receptor. A metabotropic receptor influences the activity of a cell indirectly by first initiating a metabolic change in the cell. This metabolic change may ultimately affect the opening or closing of an ion channel or may alter some other activity of the cell such as protein transcription the metabolic changes are brought about by the secondary messengers, which is release upon activation of the recertor. metabotropic receptors employ intracellular second messengers in their operation. Although there are hundreds of metabotropic receptors, they operate using a fairly limited number of second messenger pathways. Only a few are well understood at this point. They are: 1) the cyclic AMP pathway, 2) the inositol triphosphate/diacylglycerol (IP3/DAG) pathway, and 3) the arachidonic acid pathway. reference: http://education.vetmed.vt.edu/Curriculum/vm8104/continued%20stuff/recep...

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