write about microscopical characters of Nux vomica.

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The epidermis of nuxvomica consists of strongly thickened pitted and lignified trichomes.Epidermis is followed by a layer of collapsed cells. Endosper has thick walled polyhedral unlignified cells with plasmoderma, aleuron grains and oil globules. REF:PHARMACOGNOSY-NEERALI PRAKASHAN PUBLICATIONS.34TH EDITION, Page-463


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Nux-Vomica Microscopical Characters* a)A radial section shows a very thin testa consisting of collapsed parenchyma and an epidermal layer of very characteristic lignified hair. b)Thick- walled base with slit- like pits are present c)Upper Portion of hair is almost set in right angle to the bases and all radiate towards the margin of the seed, giving testa its silky appearance. d)Hairs are irregularly arranged over the ridge connecting the micropyle and the hilium. e)The endosperm consists of large, thick walled cells. f)The walls present are non-lignified and are of carbohydrate nature. References- *William Charles Evans; Trease and Evans' Pharmacognosy; Thirteenth edition; ELBS Low- Priced Edition, Funded By British Government; Page No-(613-614)

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