which method is used for the extraction of volatile oils

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Volatile oils* are extracted by a)Steam distillation Hydro-distillation- it is used for the extraction of volatile oils from herbal drugs. Air dried Subterranean Parts of the drug are extracted by steam distillation. b)Solvent extraction/Mechanical means Enfleurage- extraction of delicate perfumes. Eculle- used for extraction of citrus oils. References- *C.K. Kokate, A.P. Purohit, S.B. Gokhale; Pharmacognosy; Nirali Prakashan; Fourth edition ;Page no-(388)

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Volatile oils are extracted by steam-distilation, solvent extraction or mechanical means such as ecuelle and enfleurage techniques. Ref:PHARMACOGNOSY by C.K.KOKATE,A.P.PUROHIT,S.B.GOKHALE Fourty Second Edition. Page no.11.7

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